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This eye appears to have a gathering of orange around the pupil, as we described for Autumn eyes. The take-home message: You can't tell Season from eyes, pictures, stereotypes, or any other assumption. Sit yourself down in your colour analyst's chair and find your answer the right way.
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This True Winter can be, if not monochromatic, then not very colour-animated to look at. The skin can be beige gray with little natural blush. The eyes and hair colours would not look much different on a B&W TV.
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The navy and dark brown in this palette are near black, fine colours but not a first choice in high humidity. I'm very partial to the very dark tobacco colour as a neutral, even in hot weather, maybe because it's jungly.
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The overall picture is medium dark, still incorporating the Winter extremes of very light with very dark. Bright Winter is significantly lighter than the other Winters. True Winter black is not so flattering, especially for women.
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On a Soft Season, the liner, lid, and contour are quite close in darkness level, as in medium, with contour only slightly darker. They distinguish their roles by being of different colours in similar darkness levels, rather than Winter's variations on one colour (gray) in extremes of darkness levels. On a Winter, light means really light and dark means really dark.
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Of all the Winters, True adds the fewest colour elements. They are perfectly defined and refined by B&W alone, in symmetric but strongly defined shapes. One colour should stand alone, like one leaf left on a frozen tree, one red berry on a bush.
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Eyeliners shown at the bottom are charcoal or black-brown. Urban Decay Zero is a good charcoal for women of this colouring.
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