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Hot Weather Colour for Dark Winter

The lighter and brighter colours for Dark Winter are presented today, along with combinations for warm weather.

For Dark and True Winter, light colours may be icy and very light. The light versions of the other palette colours are not very light and begin near the middle of a full white to black scale.

By comparison, Dark Autumn has vintage pale colours, like lemongrass and antique coral, in place of icy colours. Like Dark Winter, their other light colours have a fairly dark starting point relative to other palettes.

Dark Autum, Dark Winter, and True Winter colours


Why is it called Dark Season?

Dark, Bright, Light, etc, are historical terms in the PCA industry, dating back to I know not when or whom.

A Dark Season draws its colours from a darker part of the cloud of all possible colours.

Darkness is the aspect of the colouring that is not medium. It goes to or very near black. Meanwhile, warmth, coolness, brightness, and softness have some room to move and hover near the middle of their scales.

The overall darkness level of outfits looks best to me when it is also medium to dark.


A Dark Autumn asked,
I seem to always wear the colours from the light to center sections of  my fan. I don't understand why the darkest of the Dark Autumn colors, especially the purples, seem to drain me.
  1. The darker colours being chosen are too cool and blue.
  2. The darker colours are too soft.
  3. Lightness and clarity can appear to add some lift in many women, which is why so many of them get put into Spring. An untrained eye might see this and forget to take into account all the other factors.
  4. The colours from the center of the fan are easiest to be aware of.
  5. If your eyes are used to seeing you in these, they may have trouble making an objective assessment of darker colours. Likewise, if you have always worn a lot of black, you may feel it looks good when it is only familiar.
Light colours for a Dark Autumn

A Dark Winter asked,
I would love to see a post on using the cool, heavy, regal colors in a climate that's melting with heat and humidity.
Dark Winter is like True Winter but a little warmer and duller, but not as much as if it were done in newsprint. To me, it looks more warmer than duller, but I'm no better at judging these little increments than anyone else.

There are a lot of neutrals in these Polyvores, because I like them on this colouring. I find them great in summer and to offset the 'colour colours', and far more interesting against summer backgrounds than winter backgrounds. The contrast between summertime and the "heavy and regal" is more pronounced, which feels a little exciting.

Light colours for a Dark Winter


Remember that we haven't accessorized anything yet. Shoes, bags, jewelry can all add as much or as little colour as you like.

When we train a colour analyst, the student learns to look at the image in the mirror in terms of 3 distinct dimensions. You could try this too. Don't compare an person and their clothing and think in terms of Seasons. It's way too convoluted. Think, "Would I adjust the darkness?", "Does the warmth level feel like a match?", and "How do I feel about the clarity?" as 3 separate questions.

The navy and dark brown in the 12-Tone palette are near black, fine colours but not a first choice in high humidity. I'm very partial to the dark tobacco colour as a neutral, even in hot weather, maybe because it's jungly. Love it with yellow as the dress and the skort/tank set in 4 below.

Dark Winter skorts and tanktops


Dark Winter dresses and skirts


Dark winter outfits


Dark winter women's outfits