Introducing Colour Analyst Naomi Eastman (Vancouver)

My first experience with Naomi was of cheerful persistence, already a very good quality for a colour analyst. When the first attempt at a training course in Vancouver did not work out, Naomi solved every problem, making it so easy for me to offer the course from her studio. The location was so effective that West Coast courses are now held twice yearly from Naomi’s studio.

When she opened her front door, my experience of Naomi was of a warm, welcoming, informal person. She is adaptable and open-minded, which translates into being able to see your problem your way and provide a solution that will work for you in your world, as she did for the course location and I. She can communicate solutions in many ways to find the one that is do-able for you.

Here is what I especially respect about Naomi. She is as free as anyone I’ve met of what an outcome has to be. This translates into an analyst who has no preconceptions about what your Season has to be because you look a certain way. Of course, natural appearance and Season have to make sense together but these decisions come closer to the end of the analysis. At the beginning, an analyst needs to clear these notions out of her head.

The scientific method teaches us to begin with a hypothesis and then set about proving or disproving it. That doesn’t work in PCA because your hypothesis introduces your personal impressions. Your impressions might be partly true but you have no idea which part. Only the drapes can tell you that.

You are better off to start with nothing, no assumptions at all. The human mind usually reacts against this. It gets agitated when it doesn’t know before it can know. Naomi is the analyst who can naturally look at reality from different angles just to see what’s really there. She is a curious explorer gathering information. She fills a space with data without needing to organize it into patterns sooner than possible.

I am honoured today to introduce you to my friend and colleague, Naomi Eastman.



In Naomi’s words,

“What colors can you NOT wear?”, Christine Scaman asks me. It’s early on in the 12 Blueprints analyst training course and it’s my turn to be draped.

“Definitely orange, lime green and mustard yellow”, I immediately respond. I would have dismissed those colours on the clothing rack, based on my past (negative) experiences wearing them.

My draping confirmed that mustard yellow will never look good on me, but a clear butter yellow would. Having a yellow overtone had led me to believe that I could not wear any type of yellow. Hmm, how interesting. Surprisingly, the orange from the Luxury drape set does not make my skin look sallow. In fact, this particular orange may even elicit a few compliments, such as, “My, how your eyes sparkle in that color!” And there was another discovery. I do have my version of a “lime” green that is less yellow, but just as vibrant. Letting go of preconceived notions can bring you to a new place. A whole new world of colour has opened up endless possibilities for me!

Trial and Error

Throughout childhood and as a young adult, I dutifully wore whatever colours were provided by the clothing industry. I wore all colours – bright, muted, dark and light. However, I did determine that I could not wear colours that were too warm, and that autumn colors (mustard, olive, rust) were not good on me. Every once in a while, I would find a colour that everyone thought looked fantastic on me, but I could not determine what made the colour work so well. It was basically hit-and-miss when it came to finding colours that worked best for me.

When the 4 Season system became popular, I hoped it would provide the answer. I located an analyst and was analyzed as a Summer. Initially, I was happy to finally have some direction in my shopping experience. I tried to buy “my colours.” However, occasionally I “cheated” a bit with more saturated colours, and I never managed to give up black. In fact, a few years later, during my frazzled new mom period (when I felt like a zombie from lack of sleep), I simplified my wardrobe down to primarily black, as there would be no need to work at coordinating outfits. It was one less thing to think about in an already busy day.

As time passed (and I got more sleep), I missed wearing colour. Eventually, I came across a 12 season system. I was curious. I wondered if I would have a different result in this system. Would I finally find my “wow” colours? However, an in-person analysis and a subsequent on-line analysis both yielded the same result – Soft Summer. I craved brighter colours, but with a sigh, I resigned myself to Soft Summer’s muted palette. After all, a Summer season had now been confirmed by 3 different analysts, so I decided to give it a go. I shopped with my swatch book, scanning the stores for muted colours, and tried to substitute my black with grey although, I confess, I still occasionally cheated. When I look back at photos of me in Soft Summer clothing, I suppose I looked okay, but I felt drab.

Perhaps I was not using the full spectrum of my palette, I thought. Maybe I was choosing colours that were too “dusty” and I really belonged at the clearer end of the Soft Summer colour range. Was a less muted Soft Summer even possible? Or maybe I just needed more makeup and accessories. Or another hair colour and highlights?

Trying out the trendy nude lip look: “I can see now how the warm and muted tone of this nude lipstick does not go with my clear blue eyes, but at the time I could not pinpoint what was not working.”


Today, I know that colours support us energetically. You can feel the difference when you’re wearing your correct colour harmony. While wearing the Soft Summer palette, I had a feeling of ‘blah-ness’, a sort of tiredness and a lack of zest. Somehow, those colours were not enough for me. I needed something more, and I was determined to find the answer.

I began to research colour theory and colour analysis through books (lots of books), blogs, colour analysis systems, and I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. I was fascinated by the world of colour and it became my passion. I had set out to find my best colours, and now I had a desire to help others do the same. “Someday, I will train to be an analyst”, I decided.

When I saw Christine’s blog post announcing her intention of coming to Vancouver to train those interested, I signed up immediately, thinking ‘here’s my opportunity’. The training was intense and so much fun. Christine is a gifted teacher and under her tutelage my eye for colour flourished.

A vital part of my training included over 20 case studies (full session drapings of volunteers) to put into practice all the technical aspects of personal colour analysis. The photos of each draping session and an in-depth write up of my observations were reviewed by and discussed with Christine. This internship period was a valuable exercise – each case study had its unique challenges that made for fascinating discussions and resulted in the fine tuning of the skills Christine had taught me.

The lighting is strange here because we were trying out makeup choices and the power went out! We used lights from our various devices to get at least one image of my draping.


You have to know what to look for.

I know now that I had been draped as Summer season in the past primarily because the other analysts had (mis)interpreted my light blue eyes as ‘pastel’ eyes, when they are actually transparent and ‘icy’. Christine is one of very few analysts able to bring everything (skin, hair, eyes) together correctly to determine that I was actually a Bright Winter. My training focused on developing my ability to correctly interpret the visual effects in the drapes. The methodology that 12 Blueprints analysts use to determine which drapes bring out the best in the clients is both reliable and accurate. You will be pleased with the thoroughness built into this system.

I went into training because of my passion for colour, but I underestimated how satisfying it is for me to actually meet you and help you to look your very best. The draping sessions are so interesting – every client is unique. As I go through your analysis, I explain each step of the process and the effects I’m seeing – breaking it down into clearly-defined visible reactions. You’ll not only see your most flattering colours, but also the colours that do not look good on you, which is equally important. I’ve learned (and personally experienced) that there is a color “sweet spot” for every one of us – one of the 12 Seasons whose hue, value and chroma are in alignment with your particular colouring. And now, thanks to the 12 Blueprints training, I have the privilege of helping you find this place.

My Studio

My studio is located in the Greater Vancouver area, 10 minutes from the US border. The studio has plenty of natural light. It is painted a neutral grey and is equipped with a specialized full-spectrum LED lighting system (used in the colour industry for accurate colour rendition across the entire spectrum), the 12 Blueprints drape set, and True Colour International colour books. I use the 12B product line for makeup application in your season.

Please visit my website at or email me at

I really look forward to meeting you.



Blueprints Cosmetics Pricing and Purchase

If you arrived on this page from a link under the PCA Client Resources tab, you can find more information ( cosmetic line overview, ingredients, and products by colour) under the next tab to the right on the home page, Blueprints Cosmetics Intro and Ingredients.


Prices by product category ($CDN)

(does not incl. HST/GST or shipping)

(on March 1/16)

Lipstick, Lipgloss, Blush, Contour: $24.00

Eyeshadow Palette: $46.00  (eyeshadow accent colour(s) sold separately as Single Eyeshadow Accent below)

Refill eyeshadow pans for palette: $12.00

Single Eyeshadow Accent, Single Brow Powder, Transformer: $19.00

Brow Powder/Wax Duo: $32.00


Buying by country

If the destination is in Canada, purchase through me. The price will be the same as from other Canadian analysts, plus HST as applies to the province, and shipping. Email me at to order.

Outside Canada, prices are determined by the analyst selling them.

In the US, contact Leslie at

In the EU, Jorunn Hernes has a colour store at Note that Matte Contour and Transformer are not approved in the EU.

Product is boxed in EU-Responsible containers. We have had no problem with entry to North America and EU countries.

The same entry regulations and packaging apply to Australia as the USA. If you would like to contact me directly, I will be happy to supply the cosmetic. The price will be the same as in Canada.

This product is not approved for Russia. Ksenia, our analyst in Moscow, had no trouble with product entering the country, though it took 4-6 weeks, rather than the usual 2-3 weeks to other locations.

Test everything before buying. My personal policy is no returns unless packaging or product is defective. Other analysts set their own business policies.


Samples of any product except the eyeshadow palettes and Transformer (the liquid that makes eyeliner from powder eyeshadow) can be mailed for 50 cents per sample plus shipping.

Email me to with your Season, the colours requested, a mailing address, and the email on your PayPal account (or  if EMT works for you, if in Canada). I can have the samples in the mail to you within days unless the collection has been shipped to another location for a training course, where there may be a 2-3 week delay for sending samples.

In the US, ask Leslie at or Cate Linden at

In the EU, contact Jorunn at


Although they may not carry full inventory, all of these analysts can be contacted with questions, to sample, and to purchase.

Johanna Jarvinen, Finland. At Flow With Nature.

Rachel Nachmias, Philadelphia. At Best Dressed.

Katherine Schlagal Bullock, San Antonio. At Reveal PCA.

Heather Noakes, California. At Moda In Color.

Cate Linden, Kentucky. At Cate Linden Chromatics. Cate has a beautiful online store on her site where you can see, sample, and purchase the colours if you live in the US. You can also find a recent review of the products in the blog.

Amanda Brown, Wisconsin. At Color Therapy PCA.




3 Types of True Winter

Without the 12 colour harmonies created for the Seasons by Kathryn Kalisz, founder of Sci\ART, I would never have seen and felt the unique language of each Season. Would have missed it completely. I know this for sure.

Some of the colours are provocative and unexpected, but your reaction is, “For goodness sake, would you look at that? How did she know?”

Palettes in which colours are random or leave you with reactions of, “Give me a break, that would never belong here.” are not able to capture the spiritual beauty of each Season.

True Winter’s Voice

True Winter’s spirit might be especially elusive, perhaps why it defies verbal descriptions and has become the subject of so many attempts to define it. The unique radiance of True Winter speaks to me as space and solitude on the most majestic, mysterious scale. It is the silence of the ice cave, the rising of a blue white moon over a frozen lake, the jewel that resembles a planet, the yellow flower that could be the sun.

The earthly images always seem to be metaphors for another immensity, the power of a quiet that cannot be confined. The drapes feel the same way. They hold reserve and dignity, as does True Summer, but with seclusion that sets them apart from the empathic, emotional, approachable quality of Summer.

Something about their ultimate nobility makes them as private and isolated as royalty. They are so apart, so elevated from everyday life around them, dismissing the busy fun of Spring and work ethic of Autumn, that they appear concerned with a higher ideal. If there were one Season for which I am happy to see people own their Luxury Drapes, it would be True Winter, a group of colours that seems less willing to compromise what they stand for. No other Season continues to surprise me as much.

True Winter Appearance Variations 

Few people guess themselves correctly to be True Winter in their natural colouring, or Season.

If eyes and hair are dark, they tend to guess Dark Winter. We have seen the photos of Sandra Bullock and Kim Kardashian. I’m not convinced about Kim. If you like to guess from photos, get past the colouring of the face where, let’s face it, you’re looking at eyes and hair, and imagine the person wearing the palette. The entire palette – lips, cheek, jewelry, hair, not just clothing. Do you think the Dark Winter lipstick might look like smeared food on Kim? I do.

I will add a Pin of Teri Hatcher to the Pinterest Makeup board today. Whatever kind of Winter she is, while true that the lip colour is way the heck better than some nude or brown colour, it seems to me a little flat and smoky relative to the eyes. Lips are not supposed to look smoky. Dark Winter lipstick might do so compared the other Winter lipsticks, but it won’t be that way on a Dark Winter face. It will be vibrant, exciting, healthy, and normal.

If eyes and hair are grey or blue, the person has been 2 or 3 Seasons. The overall appearance seems milder than the very dark eyes and hair person. One doesn’t expect it to balance the True Winter palette. Hair might be black brown or silver. Summer drifts through your mind.

If hair is blond (very rare in adults if we are talking about yellow blonde, I can think of one), light brown, or red-tinged, or if eyes look warm (think of Catherine Zeta-Jones, not saying she is a True Winter), Spring or Autumn pop up in the backstory.

Here are 3 types of human manifestations of the True Winter colour group. There are probably about 6. Doubtless, I would find many others if I lived in a more racially diverse place.

The Dark Hair, Dark Eyes True Winter

This is Elaine DeFehr, our analyst in Winnipeg, Canada.


Elaine can wear very high colour saturation. The architecture of the face loses when colour contains the wrong kind of yellow. The face flattens and the features smear.

I could have said, “The architecture of the face loses when colour contains the wrong amount of yellow” but I didn’t.  Saying True Winter contains no warmth or no yellow seems wrong. Every human being contains yellow. If yellow is how we define colour warmth, then everyone is warm, that’s not right either. The right question is, Which yellow does the skin contain?

Warmth of colour is relative. We only know it depending on what is next to it. The yellow in Elaine is cooler (bluer, which gives it a greenish cast) than the neighbour Seasons’ yellow. Her skin won’t compromise about that, meaning that placing another Season’s yellow next to her face reduces her presence and beauty in various ways. This is still consistent with the definition of a True cool Season.

Foundation has to match overtone and undertone. How cosmetic companies label and pigment their foundations vary widely. You want the colour that disappears. Elaine’s foundation looks fairly dark and might be labeled warm, to match the olive-yellow skin tones. In this photo, she wears very little foundation.  Face, neck, and ears are all the same colour.

Elaine sent me samples of her favourite red lipsticks, knowing that I am searching for one for the Blueprints cosmetics line.

TW reds

This type of True Winter looks better in red makeup than fuchsia. Elaine’s favourite is the second one, Ultima II Rampage. I liked the Smashbox colour a lot also. I wonder about the NYX Lip Pencil moving close to Bright Winter, as the purple gets stronger and the yellow becomes less obvious.

You’d think Bright Winter red would be yellower, but with red, the yellow of True Winter is more perceptible. This is not true of pink, purple, or fuchsia though. I often wonder why Kathryn placed the red swatches far from the fuchsia ones in her swatch books, at least in the version I own. Something about these colours behaves differently. In my palettes, the reds are on the same strip as the yellows.

You can contact Elaine by email at


 The Lower Contrast True Winter


The Is-She-A-Summer True Winter

A woman arrives to model for our recent analyst training course in Vancouver. Let’s say her name is Emma. No, it would never be Emma.

We scatter so many funny clues about our Season around us. Email fonts, names.  Marion is a total Autumn name. Colleen, an Autumn name. Many Soft Summers are called Barbara.

This woman’s stature is arresting. She is about 5’10”, maybe taller. Half First Nation, half Irish/Scottish. The skin colour is Caucasian but unusual, without much colour, as if you had to describe the colour of window glass. The skin is opaque, not transparent or fragile at all. Hair is dark brown. Eyes are medium gray-green.

Though her appearance had plenty of impact in the power of the body, the colours might have slipped into the Medium column. A hair product with a wet-look finish made the hair seem darker than it was. Afterwards, the students and I asked ourselves what Seasons we considered before the colour analysis: True and Soft Summer, True and Dark Winter.

While guessing at Season by appearance is very seldom correct, the value of it is to be sure that those drapes get evaluated before the person leaves. Whatever Season they look like they are, or the facebook group or the visiting aunt will say they are, has to go across them.

Her name could be Linda or Lauren. Maybe Maureen.

Funny to me that I can’t recall if her top was purple or black. I’m not certain how much she knew of PCA, but she was sure she knew her Season. Well now, we see this person all the time. They are right 1 time in 40. There she sat, watching the whole process, perfectly undisturbed with our many Season trials, quite secure that she would be right. Dang if she was.

I doubt we could have convinced her out of True Winter, but she was right so our job was easy. She was very amenable to appearance suggestions as long as we stayed inside TW. For eg, as a probable YangNatural in image archetype (great article here at Best Dressed explains IAs), we suggested replacing the wet finish of her present hair product with a matte or natural finish product.

Hers were among the most interesting colour reactions I have seen. The most pronounced variable, meaning what changed the most, was the texture of her skin. We could not eliminate True Summer in the early stages, the appearance being ok but not shockingly great in pure black.

Isn’t ‘perfect in black’ the rule for True Winter? Nothing applies to every face. That’s why the system cross-checks results from 112 colours in about 20-30 comparisons. Besides, early in the PCA process, the analyst does not know the face well enough to make big decisions unless she is 1000% certain.

At the Red Test stage, the picture began crystallizing. She was clearly of true cool colouring. Only at this stage did her eyes begin reacting – or did I understand her face well enough to see and interpret it. Fascinating.

This True Winter can be, if not monochromatic, then not very colour-animated to look at. The skin can be beige gray with little natural blush. The eyes and hair colours would not look much different on a B&W TV.

It takes Winter colours for the person to appear, let alone clean up and sparkle up. You don’t know till you try it. Nobody can think the way to a Season. Put the colour on, then compare with another colour, then decide. Humans make decisions by comparing.

Luxury drapes are very helpful to customize the Season for this person. Matte and textured fabrics were excellent. Next to shiny, smooth, slinky fabrics, even in her Season, the skin appeared more textured. B&W felt too sharp for her soft, steady character. The combination said things about her that were not true. Black-brown was striking, a moment when the Feeling folks in the room wipe away tears. She was fabulous in all purples, easily tolerating any amount of red and darkness level.
Every person in a Season is encouraged to wear all the colours. Narrowing down the palette gets a little repetitive and unnecessary. The person often narrows themselves right out of the Season, breaking up the  magic. The question is where and how much of the various colours will be worn, in which shapes, textures, and prints.


 The Odd True Winter


You’re Wrong, She’s an Autumn!! She’s a Spring!! True Winter

My daughter, Alexandra. You met her before in a post about PCA and Teens. I’ll introduce her once more.

Ally Prom

Dark brown eyes, quite orange-red headed as a child, now light-medium brown with a definite red (not so much orange) cast. If I could come up with an analogy…been trying for 20 years.

Many Winters have purple tones in the hair and yellow in the eyes, mostly True and Brights. Our analyst, Rachel in Philadelphia, is an excellent example. I love these faces in a purple-black-brown eyeliner because the eyes look even yellower. The eyeliner seems very natural on the face because it is an extension of the hair colour. With the clothing and jewelry, the whole thing is just so amazing. Rachel, if you read this, would you leave a comment about the name of that MAC liner we bought? Raisin something? MAC makes a similar colour in another type of liner.

I can be surprised to see eyes that go to black and a person being placed in Seasons without something close to black in the palette. What exactly are they going to wear to give them head to toe balance, with clothing an extension of how they are coloured? I appreciate that eyes are supposed to be the focal point but we don’t get there by fading away the rest of painting. A few recent pins of Richard Gere in the Men’s Pinterest board show you what I mean.

Alexandra’s skin is very pale. She doesn’t look it. Colour is never what we think we see, remember, or predict. Doesn’t work that way. Colour is a reaction in present time. We didn’t evolve to see colour exactly. We evolved to see well enough to eat until we mate. Our visual system compares. It compares colours, contrasts, edges, movement, something, and then it decides. So put the two colours together and decide. Not 3, not 5. 2.

To give you foundation colour context, Clinique Alabaster foundation goes on dark and gets more yellow by the second on her face. MUFE’s lightest colours also turn into heavy gold streaks, giving her a yellow face on a white-gray neck. Their very white 205 blended into the neck but would have been too white as a full face. Bottle after bottle, however cool the product in the bottle, it applied yellow and went more so by the minute.

Thanks to Aislin and the great staff at the Sephora in Windsor, Ontario, we happen upon NARS Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Light enough, with the correct type of yellow and no colour shifting. Face and neck in perfect unison. If we ever shop together and I say, “There is nothing about that that I don’t like.”, buy the thing. We bought this bottle. The coverage isn’t all that sheer and might need mixing to create a less pancake effect.

Here is a nice post showing you the colour with a few others.

Alexandra is best in fuchsia-purple cosmetics. They find the same tones in her hair and eyes. Red can look heavy, partly due to her age, and not as good an extension of the face. Bijou is her beautiful best gloss in the Blueprints makeup line. The eyeshadow palette creates a lovely pearly taupe grey, not as red as MAC’s pretty good Satin Taupe for True Winter.


 What’s the lesson?

Season is where you start. Within a Season, the people all share more in their colour reactions and essential aspects of their colour dimensions than they differ. Having this information, when you shop, you know what to look right through, it’s not for you. Inside your Season, the person is an individual. The 12 Blueprints analyst will coach each client in using the palette and cosmetics to best effect for her.




Signature/STYLE: Skirts Shapes and Fabulous Prints

Shopping Days of Old

11AM: Got a coffee, organized my needs, enjoying time alone, love to see what’s new in the stores. I actually like shopping.

1PM: Nothing looked great. Tried on a few but didn’t like the fit. Why are jackets always so stifling in the shoulders? Why do skirts pull across the hips and make my belly look big? Stop for lunch, think about going to another mall but I can’t face the parking. I will keep looking, still half the mall to go.

3PM: Have one item on hold. I could use a jacket for that meeting next week, so that’s an extra thing to look for but my body doesn’t look good in jackets, IDK why. Trying to stay pleasant and finding gratitude in not needing a bathing suit. Tried a lipstick but cosmetic sales employee was not hearing me. Why do they keep saying the same thing? Why do I keep buying the same thing? Who’s wrong? Them or me?

5PM: Bought a skirt and some earrings. I know how to buy earrings, it’s like they just appear in front of me! Already know I will return the skirt, hopefully before the zipper breaks. Ate an ice cream to keep blood sugar up and now feel fat and mad.

6PM: Drive home, happy with the earrings. Watch Netflix. Eat too much popcorn. Try not to think of shopping day. Fighting back tears about having to go back. I actually hate shopping.

This experience is becoming a choice, a thing of the past, a memory of how things used to be.

Summer scene 1

How Today’s Woman Shops

You want to know how to buy everything the way you do earrings, where you picture the right thing so clearly that it appears in front of you. You want to know who was wrong about the lipstick and where the skirts are hanging that look and feel good.

Today, shopping fantasy and shopping reality co-exist.

Once you know your colours, lines, and scale, a parade of clothes can file past while you sit in your favourite chair sipping your favourite drink. Some of them will have a flag floating along beside them that says, Hello Jo Mama, I Am For You.

Google once said (in its early days of hiring the best):

…it’s easier to find what you’re looking for if it comes looking for you.

533 skirts! If there is a more effective way to find and buy, certainly in North America where you click on a link in a magazine that knows you already, someone must tell me what it is. Elsewhere in the world, this resource is the difference between entering stores with no idea what to buy and going in with a checklist in your hand.

For anyone who has learned their colours/lines but can’t picture the pieces, Signature/STYLE opens the curtain. If you can’t picture the skirt, you can’t find it because you don’t know what you’re looking for. How long before you give up on a scavenger hunt where the items are a secret? If you’re me, about 1.0 seconds.


Skirts and Prints Content

The issue will be released to your inboxes within 3 days. The many links to products will excite your spam folders so check there if you are not happily studying skirts by then.

Readers will find mostly solid colours in the body of the newsletter to appreciate shape and proportion without distraction of print. In some cases, a skirt with a print was included to show a shape especially well, or illustrate an item that might have been placed in another image archetype (IA), if it had a different print.

Solid colours permit easier Season comparisons, for example to illustrate the three Summers’ whites. Solids also demonstrate colours that are difficult to find or visualize. Finally, Season assignments tend to be clearer than with prints where more variables must be taken into account.

The Feature is a look at prints. Our readers will have access to every archetype’s prints to show you the maximum number and how they look in skirt shapes other than yours. As always with this unique newsletter, the Catalogs are a projection screen for the in-depth explanations that Rachel and I offer about selecting prints in an accompanying article.

Wise compromise. Without it, we can never answer deeper questions. Not only does perfect not exist, if it did, it would be fragile and therefore flawed. If we use colour and archetype without intelligent flexibility, we restrict our wardrobes needlessly. These formulas are here to make our lives more beautiful and confident than we ever imagined.

This issue came together faster than any before, about 8 days. And yet, items might have sold out, same situation as with every issue. I fail to understand this, it’s as if retailers buy four of each size. Here one day, gone the next. We compensate for this reality by offering you high volume choice.

True to the real marketplace, Winter colours and prints are over-represented. No big deal. Everybody can find sensational clothes. We found them for you. Plus, we added education in what might be the most important key to shopping growth, learning, and success (and every other kind too): adaptability. In this issue, that means telling you every Season or IA that can wear an item well.


 Return to Truth

Because I am a colour analyst, I read this poem often. The TED video is truly a journey of introspection and beauty. Architect Moshe Safdie, at TED 2007, reads the poem at the end.

If we seek truth, we shall find beauty

He who seeks truth shall find beauty.
He who seeks beauty shall find vanity.
He who seeks order shall find gratification.
He who seeks gratification shall be disappointed.
He who considers himself the servant of his fellow beings shall find the joy of self-expression.
He who seeks self-expression shall fall into the pit of arrogance.
Arrogance is incompatible with nature.
Through nature, the nature of the universe, and the nature of man, we shall seek truth.
If we seek truth, we shall find beauty.

– Moshe Safdie



We hope that you enjoy this issue of Signature/STYLE. In it, find the truth of you and thereby, the beauty of you.

Information about the newsletter and subscription links are at the top of the right column of every page on this site.



Presence, Finance, and Negotiation in Business and in Life

We live in a different world than we did 20 years ago, or 10, or even 5.

Retirement age is becoming a thing of the past. Earning and saving horizons have stretched decades past where they were not so long ago. We expect to help others and earn income until we are prepared to stop. The sooner we learn and practice excellent career strategies, the better our negotiation and leadership skills become, and the longer they serve us in our businesses and our lives.

Colour and image analysis are evolving rapidly. Professional appearance for women is intended to communicate ideas that were not in play in the year 2000. We have resources that did not exist 5 years ago to lead women straight to their best attire on retailer websites. Finding our right makeup colours has become a no-brainer that looks after itself. Every person should know what his or her appearance is capable of.

With our money and our appearance, they fall behind too easily as we update our many other skills in the overcrowded lineup of priorities in women’s lives. In fact, they are as essential to our networking success as current computing skills. Current says relevant.

A healthy body is one we don’t have to think about. It just gets on with the day.

A healthy mind is the same.

A healthy financial structure is the same. It is in place beneath our feet, running behind the scenes.

A healthy appearance is the same. Once in place, you don’t have to think about it. Your closet, cosmetics, and hair colour just get on with the day, every day.

Event Banner

I hope you will be part of a dynamic and highly interactive experience as we take a modern look at empowerment through these topics.

In Part 1, Building leadership from the inside out, will be co-facilitated by Tracy Theemes and Marlene Delanghe, MA, Career Advisor. These two well-known teachers will address finance, negotiation, career tactics, and power. You will learn and practice new ways to ask for what you want and experiment with ideas that will take you to new heights in your career and personal life.

Learn more about Tracy here.

Learn more about Marlene here.

In Part 2, Rachel Nachmias and I will discuss how image identity presents an image that is in alignment with you and with the situation you wish to impact. Why and how do we go astray and how do we find our way back home? Define a presence that attracts people to share your beliefs, support your causes, and purchase your skills.

Learn more about Rachel here.

 Pre-registration is required. The price is $99.00.

To register, click here.



Professional Photographs

Why are we all here?

Because we believe that appearance gives us information about a person.

Colour analysis is the #1 Advantage to have in your back pocket to achieve your highest visual potential.

With that in order, and stop #2 to interpret your lines, shapes, and natural body language  in attire, you have given yourself the keys to the Appearance Kingdom.

The video is here at YouTube.


Heeeyyyy, y’ don’t suppose I’m yellow because of that big piece of warm-neutral fabric behind my right shoulder??? Not likely, the wall behind me is actually white and wouldn’t be that affected.

So then I go play with YouTube’s video adjustment options. I cooled the overall tone, raised the contrast and saturation a little. Now I look green. Experiment 1 not a big success.

Then, I notice some people have very nice thumbnails. Did they insert the images into iMovie before uploading and hope YouTube would pick them up? That sounds risky and slow, which I don’t like, plus complicated.

Nope. They have Custom Thumbnails. It’s very easy to do! Experiment 2, huge success!

This video is also here at YouTube.


The photographer for the pictures below was Louise Vessey of Light and Vision Photography in Prince Edward Island, Canada.






Jorunn Hernes, our analyst in Norway, is a highly skilled colour analyst with the great ability to create a presentation that is authentic and beautiful for each individual woman. Her online cosmetics store is at

This is the link to the article about psychologist Amy Cuddy’s view on the two questions people ask themselves first when they meet in professional situations.

Shopping for Your Season and Style is the Pinterest board where I have re-pinned the photo mentioned in the video.

The Light Summer eyeshadow collection:

Light Summer



The Neutrals Collections

The Neutral Collections (NCs) are collections of 12 pieces of fabric cut in 9×4 inch rectangles in colours that function as wardrobe neutrals. Every colour is unique to that Season.

NC Price and Purchasing

The price for the NCs is $78.00 CDN before tax and shipping if buying from me.

E-mail is the best way to contact me:

The price from analysts will vary depending on shipping, duties, and other decisions that influence each of their independent businesses.

My intention is to support the analysts, since they are my direct clients, and their clients through them. As with cosmetics, for clients outside the US, I am happy to sell product directly.

I will be glad to A any Q you might have at any time. Please ask here if possible so that others can benefit from the excellence of the questions, perspectives, and opinions that is always true of readers of this site.


Mentioned in the video:

Terry Wildfong, my colleague, fellow trainer, and co-creator of the drapes and 6 eyeshadow colour collections for the 12 Seasons, is at Your Natural Design. We have harmonized a lot of colours, she and I, and Terry would agree that neutral colours are the most fun of all ;)

Rachel Nachmias, Philadelphia-based colour and image consultant whose work amazes me and with whom I write the Signature/STYLE newsletter, is at Best Dressed. As I mention in the video, Rachel and I are soon to enjoy some speaking and meeting time with a Vancouver audience. This event is still in the planning stages. Information will be announced here as locations, agendas, etc. are determined.

The book, The Power of Presence by Kristi Hedges. Our analyst in Norway, Jorunn Hernes, re-introduced me to the word meaningful recently. Here is a book about developing a truly meaningful presence, with fascinating information about the biology of how humans learn, change, and form long-term memory. We are all humans. By knowing how we learn and with awareness of our natural impediments (for example, our favourite learning thing is to re-confirm what we know already; the brain pats itself on the back for conserving energy), we become more effective in our own lives.

An important announcement for clients outside Canada and the US, Jorunn Hernes now has a most beautiful online store for the Blueprints cosmetics line.  The colour analysis website is The cosmetic store is at  Pay a visit. The photographs are simply lovely.


More than any other descriptive, I see myself in the role of explorer. In this Video 1, the explorations continue into why we feel so much a part of the colour world. The video is here at YouTube or below.


In Video 2, I get to the point and show you the NCs. Here at YouTube or below:


New Year 2016

This might be hard to believe at a holiday time, but outgrowing last year’s clothes can be a beautiful thing.

In 2015, we added a makeup line to be completed in January 2016. To avoid long waiting times during high-volume and/or high alert times at the border, a faster distribution system within the US is being organized.

The drapes continue to do their job admirably. With their guidance, our ability to read the optical effects that occur in colour relationships continues to become more nuanced, sophisticated, and precise.

We are committed to improving your shopping with tools that work. There are appearance questions that are being asked every day in women’s bathrooms everywhere. We ask them ourselves. We understand that vanity is irrelevant in this conversation. Our appearance is the architecture for our language. The language defines the person. A new product aiming to help you shop better, faster, and easier will be released in January.

The analyst-training course in Vancouver was a great success, to be repeated in May 2016. I hope that this becomes a twice-yearly event. Planning is also underway for full-day programs in developing credible professional appearance, combined with negotiation and financial structuring skills, to support women better, inside and out.

We will continue attracting students who wish to own viable businesses. I honestly seek people committed to growth without endpoint, who welcome never-ending change, and accept the examinations that accountability requires, because it is with those partners that we may all expand.

The classroom section of the course remains the same. To better support students in their early days as colour analysts (and at any time in their career), more interaction with the trainer (Terry Wildfong or me) has been structured in with the first few PCAs. New analysts are enjoying this, but  more importantly, the learning during this period is proving to be tremendous. No course can deliver all the information in a field and no student can absorb it all in a classroom. This is where we find the gaps and fill them.

Sometimes, the best thing we can do is pause. Wait. Become.  Here is where we had our Christmas. As most Canadians know, this is not how December 25 usually looks in Canada but this year, it did. If ever a place were the actual manifestation of creation, this forest would be it. In this very genesis surrounding, you expect a pod to land and a new civilization to begin taking shape – or you feel that you’ve been transported to such a place that still holds traces of ancient civilizations. On many long walks, the mind feels crystal clear to reflect on choices.


You have seen photos of Sunshine House at Windhorse Farm, Nova Scotia before in the article 28 Clues That Our Look Wanted An Upgrade. You can also find lots more information on these sustainable, low-footprint endeavours if you Google their two names.

The 200+ acre property includes a house that sleeps 18, which housed our family, as well as cabins from one-person-outhouse-and-woodstove roughing-it style all the way to five people in a chalet on a lake. To write that poem you’ve been practicing, to heal your soul, make that painting, to start anything, what better place for a creation mindset to find you? Sit still long enough and a unicorn is bound to show up.

The story writes itself. I wished for a voice recorder to get started to the mystery series I’ve always wanted to write. Windhorse Farm Mysteries, Chapter 1.

The path underfoot is wet this morning, soft with the cushion of orange pine needles and burgundy leaves, in this forest of evergreen and hardwood. I cross the first bridge in my morning ritual of walking feet and feeling mind, very aware of the ground. The rushing stream is made of liquid glass. The water is high with the recent rain. Its sound is the only one I hear. At the crest of the bridge, something amiss in the stream catches my attention. I saw movement to my left, I am certain. My eyes soon tell me that the forest and stream are the only things living. The hand caught in a branch at the edge of the waterfall is not.

DUM-DUM-DUMMMMM, said wide-eyed, in deep, ominous voice.

Being online might defeat the purpose, but it can be done. Extend your data plan before arriving. When it’s time to send your creation to the publisher, you can turn your phone into a router (personal hotspot).


Today’s post is a very sincere thank you to our readers and clients for believing in us. Thank you for being our inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to type the encouragement and the difficult questions instead of clicking on to the next screen. Thank you for coming back to read the answer.

Thank you to our analysts who are the link between you and the literal window into yourself which colour analysis unclouds. Thank you for the momentum of their hard work, for their deep hearts, and for caring and listening. Having once seen the inner beauty of a human being released on the outside, we share an addiction to finding the joy in that ultimate care package again and again.


Readers, clients, and colour analysts, we are here together for a reason. We have in common a profound respect for every living thing. Allow me to end this year with the Namaste gesture, whose meaning is to extend love and recognize our union in a common divinity.

I received a beautiful gift from a British Columbia student, now colour analyst, whom you will soon meet. It is a Memory Block, one of the collectible wall plaques by B.C. artist Sid Dickens.

On the back is inscribed,

The light in me sees the light in you.

That is always the truth.



Signature/STYLE: The Earrings Issue

Signature/STYLE is a newsletter that is emailed to subscribers. The information you want is over at the top of the right column of this page. Right there >>>

This is a pre-release announcement for the upcoming issue which should be released this coming week.


A new way of seeing something that I thought I understood is one of the most generous gifts I could receive. This Earrings issue ranks at that level.

Earrings. Among my top favourite items. Who really notices one more basically-the same-colour lipstick? Earrings can cost the same or not much more and explore big new territory for you and everyone who sees you.

Here is a timeline of how the newsletter comes together.

Day 1: First, I go through the 20 or 30 pages of links that Rachel (the colour and image expert who oversees the image archetype section of the newsletter) sends and place them into their Seasons.

Still Day 1: That job is not even half completed when the second job needs doing. The second job is, buy one or two amazing pieces from the Winter/YangClassic section that are part of me before I even own them. This time, three were bought.

Days 2-3: Sorting links, not even stopping when eating, so amazed am I by what each link opens to.

Day 4: Now, the links are all sorted. And I am (and you will be) thinking, “OH!!!!!OH!!!!! I get it!!”

Or in the words of the eloquent Kaarin Huffman, our analyst in NC, “You mean, it’s ok!!?? I just do this and everything’s good!??”, spoken through tears of joy and hopeful laughter, “I can stop trying to look like everybody else?!”

Maybe that’s the part of PCA (personal colour analysis) and PIA (personal image analysis) that I’ll never get over.

Early Day 5: Race to the mall, know what risks to take and what to ignore. Being completely and confidently in control of a shopping experience is grounds for euphoria. Three pairs later that I’m still congratulating myself for.

Because I’m as guilty as anyone of slouching back to my safety zone, freely admitting it’s a type of laziness. I don’t need safe&generic, but I will choose it over accident&nonsense or forced&tried too hard, the three ineffective visual extremes. The fourth extreme is the one I want. To get it, I am willing to practice. That one is intelligent&modern. In 2015, authenticity reads as a form of intelligence.

Later Day 5: Back to the Earrings Issue. I made the N and the C newsletters. While in the Cs, I thought, “Now, how in creation did I miss those??”

You’d think I’d have gotten over the elegance of Rachel’s eye and taste, but I really haven’t. Each issue is a new adventure. Nobody gets contemporary shopping and how stuff looks next to bodies like this woman does.

Big sales right now that will only get better. I buy 2 more pairs. Averaged price for the lot, $23. You will never leverage a purchase better than when you know what to buy in advance. Then, it’s just a click of the Place Order button when the sale notifications come in.

Days 6-9: Building your newsletters, putting thought into offering you the most Right Now.Today. education in effective appearance.

Day 10: Where we are now, attending to final details, almost ready to send. Women, welcome to the Earrings Issue.  Absolutely stunningly beautiful choices.

The first Feature section contains big catalogs of silver and gold explained by Season, for each image archetype.

The second Feature section illustrates repeating the face shape, eye colour, and other aspects of the Season and IA essences.

Every discipline has boundaries. Since I cannot know Season from photographs, the colour section gives you explanations with word imagery, no face pictures. With Rachel’s work, size and scale are crucial. Therefore, we only linked to websites with a size reference in the product images.

As always with the Signature/STYLE newsletter, products sell out very fast, within days in many cases. Search the product by the same name at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Lord and Taylor, Shopbop, Amazon, Google, and any other large retailer you can think of. You will probably be successful. We were.

Days 11-12: Watch your mailboxes. Signature/STYLE: The Earrings Issue will be in yours in the next few days.



Science, beauty, truth. Transformational results.