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This eye appears to have a gathering of orange around the pupil, as we described for Autumn eyes. The take-home message: You can't tell Season from eyes, pictures, stereotypes, or any other assumption. Sit yourself down in your colour analyst's chair and find your answer the right way.
  • 5 min read
In Evangeline's perception, the silver hair seems very cool. Compared to the previous dye, which her self-image learned over years if not decades, it may be. To me, it looks like expensive gray suede.
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Our Season doesn't change with age, but we do. So does the world around us. Today, outfits for several Soft Autumn women, to see the Season through different eyes and points in our life journey.
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This person does have Winter coolness and darkness. Black coffee and muted charcoal make great eyeliners. Just as their navy in clothing or a suit is a fantastic complement to the orange tones in skin, hair, and eyes, so is it a great eyeliner. 
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Forest green is too sharp and obviously a cosmetic most of the time. This is a grayer, browner green, for instance, Jungle from the Blueprints line.
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Traditional flesh tones are excellent - though we're wearing our correct makeup, we're all wearing flesh tones...our own!
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