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Eye colours and Warm and Cool Seasons

We are each given a set of natural colours in perfect harmony.

Colour analysis is the key to making the absolute most of them. The fullest colour, the cleanest shine.

Women often focus on their hair, understandable since it’s the biggest colour block.

The problem is that when hair is more, as chemical dyes often are, something has to become less to maintain balance. What takes a back seat are the eyes.

That’s a mistake. We don’t communicate with our hair. Sure, it’s part of the final picture, a big part, but not at the expense of the eyes.

Nothing should drop the energy in our eyes. Eyes stay powerful and magical throughout our lives. Here is a 94 year old man's Dark Autumn eye. So much colour, so much geometry.

Eye colours and Warm and Cool Seasons Warm Seasons

In the new edition of the book (Return to Your Natural Colours), there's a section that describes various ways that people in those Seasons can look. Those sections could be 20 pages long.

Although I say that any eye colours is possible in any Season, the truth may be a little more restricted or need a few more details, more clarity between what we think we see and what is real.

A true blue True Autumn eye may be possible, as might a brown Light Summer or True Summer eye, but I have not seen these. More often, an eye that looked blue was really just light. Or maybe we saw it next to yellow hair and assumed it was blue.

Or the foundation or blush made the eye seem bluer. We may love the idea of our eyes looking blue, but for that to happen, other aspects of appearance may pay a price. Your colour analysis will show you the sweet spot where eye colour is best and it’s all rewards for your complexion, apparel, silhouette, everything.

The eye that looked blue or blue-ish is actually turquoise or teal in warm colouring, especially in Dark Autumn, or warm green, either lighter as warm willow or darker as avocado, in True Autumn.

True Seasons may have eyes of a single colour, as dark brown in True Winter or pure blue in True Summer. This happens in about half the True Season people, and is sometimes seen in Neutral Seasons (blends of two True Seasons).

Many Autumn eyes have a gathering of rusty orange round the pupil, but this is a True Autumn in whom that feature is present without being prominent. Any Season containing Autumn may have it, including Soft Summer and Dark Winter.

The eye colours in this picture live in a True Autumn woman. Her skin is the ultimate in coppered tawny freckles.

Eye colours and Warm and Cool Seasons In Neutral Seasons, colouring often has warm and cool components together. The Dark Autumn eye in the first picture is a good example. A Soft Autumn eye that looks blue may be a tapestry of warm and cool greens.

With silvery pewter hair, this woman's skin takes on a golden shimmer.  Apparent silver and gold together is visually so rich and unique that she looks the epitome of successful aging. Hair dye has nothing on this. Let it go, watch it float away, shake your hands off, and let yourself breathe.

The blue-appearing True Spring eye is often turquoise, but we won’t see the greens develop unless they wear Spring colours. Or, True Spring eyes may be light yellow-green that can range to an almost sharp golden green in some.

Cool Seasons

The eye below belongs to a Bright Winter.

Eye colours and Warm and Cool Seasons Did you see the second video in the previous post, Preparing for Your Colour Analysis?

We have 3 colour settings. One is set a max high or max low. The other two settle around the medium ranges. For our colour choices to be great, we need to know.

Is this individual darker than warm?

Lighter over warmer?

Brighter over cooler?

If you know at a glance, I won't be convinced :)

How to sort out the possible combinations?

Colour analysis. Takes an hour or two.

However warm his eyes or cool or dark his lashes might be, however bright the iris colours or warm or cool the white of the eye might look, whatever. Notice use of the word might.

Measure it and know. Brightness of pigment is what his colouring wants most.

As many men do, he started paying attention when he saw True Spring yellow-green-gold pouring out his eyes when he wore that colour, a sneak peek at what his colours would be capable of achieving. This, he did not see coming.

But True Spring couldn’t make his other features the best possible. Plus, he blended off into his clothes; you couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began. Adding a little Winter helped him be visible.

We don’t want to over-define him. The balance point is between 3 positions, not 2: not enough, just right, too much. Darkest and coolest in Bright Winter was too much at this time in his life, but that’s an extreme he may not wear till he’s 30.

For now, his most breathtaking colour is Bright Winter’s brightest, buttery yellow. It's easy on him, a gorgeous, exciting, delicious yellow, and even he, who was perfectly accepting of the climb from his current wardrobe, was intrigued as he took it in.

This is a Winter who would wear a large block of yellow. The Bright Winter who tests near Bright Spring often does. At this age, he will shop for it with intention. In a decade, it may be a stripe in a tie, but will always be part of his most magnificent appearance.

Today, he is 13 and three degrees out of Bright Spring. Already, he is darkening so quickly that his family can barely keep up. He can. He did his entire analysis basically on his own once I explained what to look for and how to decide.

Young people often have the best comments. Readers ask, “What would a wrong combination look like?” He put into words what colour analysts see all the time. In True Autumn khaki, he said, “I look like this really passive-aggressive guy. Or my grandma with green hair.”

He is the grandson of our first and second eyes, above (who are related by the marriage of their children). For colour analysts reading this, bring your eye lens to family parties. They will be amazed and upgrade your cleverness rating, you'll bond with your relatives, your children will be all, "Yeah, that's my mom.", and you can reflect on how much you love your job.

This eye appears to have a gathering of orange around the pupil, as we described for Autumn eyes. The take-home message: You can't tell Season from eyes, pictures, stereotypes, or any other assumption. Sit yourself down in your colour analyst's chair and find your answer the right way.

Here is his eye when he was 5 years old.

Eye colours and Warm and Cool Seasons He’s learning a lifetime of productive shopping. His colour analysis showed him how his current clothing colours are almost always less than his, with a gap between him and what he wears, or unrelated to him in the first place.

Today, he knows how to fix that. He has understood how to create his appearance with equal energy and perfect transition. His life will be different. Those looking at him will see and sense an expensive watch keeping perfect time.