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Comparing Light and Bright Spring

These Seasons have the important similarity of neutral to warm temperature. They are also Spring Seasons, based in yellow.

Bright Spring is darker and brighter. Light Spring contains more white and visible gray, giving a creamy and misty impression.

In terms of borrowing colours, the lighter of Bright Spring's palette might cross into Light Spring nicely. The cooler, darker side of Light Spring could also be fine. The decision is made one garment at at time. If the items appear balanced, with the attention equally divided between them, that's a good sign.

Say you're the woman shopping. Working through the compromises of the retail world might ask you to weigh in on a few more questions,
  • Is close enough good enough? What is  my feeling on this subject?
  • How quickly do I need to buy this item?
  • Am I spending $50 or $500?
  • Are the lines of the item so flattering that I should be wearing it?
  • If I were the painter of this outfit, would the colour look great in the composition?
  • Where is the item to be worn? Small area, lower half, accessory?

 Mostly Light Spring

Light spring outfits

The green handbag just right of centre may be Bright Spring. If this woman were carrying this bag, what would be your opinion?


Mostly Bright Spring 

Mostly bright spring colour outfits
bright spring colour outfits

Some colours matter more than others. The peach coat (lower image) might be a little weak but it's workable. Gray is good at becoming what's around it. Jeans adapt pretty well if their darkness level is the same as the overall for that Season and they're just blue.

Red and green are less cooperative. Sometimes, it depends on the viewer. Some people are very sensitive to yellow, as I am to orange.

Bright spring outfits

Black is useful in the Bright Spring wardrobe:
  • to crisp edges of colour blocks, as the earrings with the mint blouse in 4,
  • to outline shapes in a thin black line, as in a print or colourblock, which gives a cartoon appearance that is so right on Gamine body shapes,
  • to darken the overall effect selectively without dulling, cooling, or darkening the colour blocks themselves,
  • to add Winter's formality,
  • to slim this woman who can balance black, as the mint top and black skirt in 4, the colours are getting along fine, the black is a little strong but it doesn't appear visually larger