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How Winters Intensify Eye Colour

How the other Seasons intensify eye colour has been discussed in previous posts (Spring, Summer, Autumn).

Previously, we said you can emphasize eye colour, or any colour, by repeating it, by using the complementary colour, or by using contrast.

For All 3 Winters

1. Coloured eyeliner. Sometimes repeating your eye colour works, sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't, it's because there's conflict with your inherent pigmentation, skin and eyes being usually made of very similar pigments.

Stick with the personal colour palette. Once you get a perfect colour for your skin, it will automatically be perfect for your eyes and hair. At what point obvious colour in eye makeup becomes too young is your decision, and might depend on your age, your taste, where you live, and what kind of day it is.

You have darkness, so very dark pure plums, violets, and sapphires can look like a softened black if obvious colour isn't to your taste.

2. Wearing your eye colour in clothing, more effective than eye makeup since the colour block is bigger.

3. Wearing makeup. No group looks more heightened with makeup than Winter.

4. Generic brown eyeshadow is nowhere for this group. They are far more silver charcoal gray people. It looks cleaner and sharper. The Darks will wear iron and diesel smoke. The Trues and Brights wear stainless steel and coal.

It becomes essential to learn your right greys, the colour that is most challenging, yet also the most modern neutral colour.

For Winter, grays are densely pigmented, like a heavy layer of paint, not gauzy or watery or dilute or sheer. The gray is mostly black and white, with barely any colour component.

6. These eyes can be black brown to the point that no detail can be seen in the iris and the intensity of the colour doesn't seem much affected by colour. What is strongly affected is the crispness around the edge of the iris. In wrong colour, it blurs and fuzzes, which, of course, is happening to the whole face. The same colour suggestions apply regardless of eye colour in all Seasons.

7. Complementary colours exist opposite each other on the colour wheel. Together, they set up a current, almost a pulsation.

The usual pairs are,

Blue if brown eyes.

Brown for blue eyes.

Purple for yellow.

Red for green.

Be careful. You need the right complement. It's not just low-lying fruit. Choose the closest colour from your palette. If it would not be appealing  in eye makeup, yellow for example, wear it elsewhere.

Play with your eye colour and this tool(enter Complimentary under Scheme and play with the Sat and Brightness sliders.)

Green eyes will not choose red eyeliner; place it on the face as lipstick.

8. Contrast. The eyeshadow palette goes from very light to very dark.

9. Mascara is blackest black and lots of it.

Dark Winter

In 12 Season personal colour analysis, Dark Winter is the group whose natural colouring is mostly composed of the Winter palette pigments, incorporating an Autumn portion that will darken, mute, and warm the colours as though a few drops of darkest chocolate were mixed in.

Eyeliner is black brown or dark gunmetal.

Teal matters. As a repeat to teal in the eye colour or to complement the orange tones in brown eyes, whether in makeup or clothing or jewelry, this is an important colour for everyone with any Autumn in them.

Eyeshadow is medium to dark silver gray, with an icy highlight under the brow.

Dark brown (which looks more purple than brown for Winter) is excellent to repeat the Autumn element.

True Winter

Eyeliners are black brown, coal, black sapphire, and dark purple.

True Winter is often colour-neutral. Shape and outline are as important as colour. A perfectly lined eye using white and mid to darkest gray, that would look no different if seen on B&W TV, has beauty and impact.

Of all the Winters, True adds the fewest colour elements. They are perfectly defined and refined by B&W alone, in symmetric but strongly defined shapes. One colour should stand alone, like one leaf left on a frozen tree, one red berry on a bush.

Bright Winter

Bright Winter describes the natural colouring of the person who is primarily Winter, with the faintest yellow light shining on the colours, making them lighter, clearer, and a bit warmer than True Winter.

The lips should be in contrast with the skin just like every other feature. On a young girl, fire engine lips can look like playing dress up. She'll wear clear fuchsia pinks, sheer reds, and purple glosses. Lip colour doesn't have to be dark, especially if lips are thick or thin, but the lips should not look like they're wearing concealer or be chalky. Choose a sheer plum. Wear a nude look, but your nudes won't be in the same tube as Soft Autumn's.