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The Consistent Bright Spring Landscape

The word Season describes your natural colouring. In the colour world, there are 12. A personal colour analysis tells you which is yours.

Is Season dated?

Why use the word Season if it sounds old-fashioned?

Because we are children of a planet on which light and season change as it describes an ellipse around the sun.

Our pigments harmonize with those of our world. They send wavelengths and have frequencies that communicate in concert with our surroundings.

Those energies react with our retina to put colour in our brain. Colour doesn't actually exist, only energy does. If that is not amazing, IDK what is.

Though our pigments have different organic chemistry (hemoglobin, melanin, carotene), they evolved with the world in which they live. In the course of these thousands of years, we learned to feel colour.

People remember the colour associations. Thanksgiving table suggests Autumn.

Because Season evokes associations of scent, texture, moisture, movement. So do colours.

Because all of the above is as true now as in the 80s.

Bright Spring

The pigments that make up a Bright Spring person look a lot like the True Spring colours, meaning they're clear and pure, warmed by yellow, and fairly light. When those colours get mixed with a bit of Winter, they become even more clear, and less warm and less light.

With input from 2 True Seasons, Bright Spring is called a Neutral Season. They have warmer and cooler versions of each colour in their skin, hair, and eyes, and so in their colour palette.

These individuals may appear darker and contrasting than they are once draped. Keep in mind that Season is not determined by how we look, but how our own colours react to adjacent colours. At times, the person looks Spring-like, with a blonde hair and blue eyes appearance. And very often, they look like Summers, especially when eyes are blue or blue-green.


The colours speak to me as lush and natural, like a jungle. The life force of Spring and the impact of Winter co-exist. Winter places a cool veneer on the surface but the invisible sense is of life gathering energy to see it through the freedom and bloom coming in True Spring. Tension is building, and when the spring uncoils, True Spring will truly have sprung.

blooming flower

The Persona

This person sparkles. They have wit, conversation, joy, and humour. Winter gives them formality, organization, and some seriousness with the darkness in their appearance, but it's not heavy-handed. Spring's sunshine relaxes them, still with enough cool to give them quickness of movement.

Playful and clean, it's all fun and games but there are reasons for not wanting to get in this water. Winter means risk. Winter element brings an edge, something that isn't too comfortable.

polar bear in bright spring water

These persons look more delicate than they are, like the finest icicles and waterfalls. This is not daintiness, frills, or fragility. Rather, think of the morning after a freezing rainstorm. The branches are coated with a thin layer of ice, looking like frozen feathers. The world looks more tough than soft, but we feel no threat. The sun is getting warmer, we can hear the music of melting ice, and we know the tough part is temporary, almost pretend.

This is a charming and very social person. Spring's easy smile greets you, more friendly than you really expected. Spring's love of dialogue appears, less reserved and more joking than you really expected. You're carried along by an optimistic and open personality, but one who never fully lets themselves go. Winter still has a hand on the wheel and decorum will matter. It crosses your mind to wonder why this dark landscape is so sunny. How can it feel so right to have the sun out at night?

The Clothes

What would it feel like to be standing by those crocuses above or in the jungle at sunrise with your eyes closed?

The air is clean and brisk, sweet and sharp at once. You smell wet ground and new life. You'd prefer to keep one eye open, having no sense of being snug or sheltered, but it's still ok.

Life is so vital right now that it feels a bit unsteady. When you open your eyes, you expect that it will look different than moments ago. How might you do that with apparel?

Wear a deep and pure blue-purple shirt with silver writing, whirls, or sparks.

bright spring colour outfits


Bright Spring Accessories

Do not have a brown or black purse. Connected to a person so sparkly, it looks like luggage. Ditto the generic brown or black shoe, suitcases on feet. Black is fine if it's not chunky and usual.

Choose patent leather over suede.

Wear fun and colourful exercise type shoes (and clothes).

Wear coloured coats and shoes, ballet flats in fun patterns, sparkly accents, gold or silver threads woven into scarves.

Wear lots of colour. It looks good. You sparkle and so does it. Not matched? No problem. From Harry Winston to costume jewelry. Fancy, cheap, pretty, silly, all fine if it reminds you of the thinnest layer of crackling glass.

bright spring colour jewelry and accessories


Learning and becoming your Season is like hearing a language you grew up with.  Look inward for truth and you may feel that it plucked a string. You'll find a place waiting for you that will enfold you, while another person would always stay the square peg. You can choose to stand still, but life is much more fun if you keep moving towards the heat.