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Dress For Your Landscape: True Summer

We all embody a particular landscape, where a landscape is a collection of colours and shapes that fulfill a purpose and belong together.

Natural landscapes make sense to us. We expect certain things to go together to feed all five senses in a way that is consistent. Bark isn't pink, doesn't smell like vanilla, or feel like slime. If it made a sound, it wouldn't be tinkly. A Soft Summer-coloured (bark) woman (Duchess Kate) dressed in flamingo (Light Spring), a lush jungle aromatic with vanilla and cocoa (True Spring), or seaweed greens and anemone reds (Bright Spring) wouldn't feel quite right. Nothing wrong with any of them, but there's incongruence, of puzzle pieces that are too far apart to fit.

Each of us emanates our own landscape in colour, feeling, and mood. When we wear colours as an extension of our natural appearance, they naturally belong, and we look plausible, logical, believable, possible, synchronized. You could say harmonious. We call that beautiful.

When our embellishments don't belong in our landscape, to the viewer, we look forced, like an appearance that couldn't possibly have happened on its own. To ourselves, we feel like we're somehow stretching our truths. But what are those truths in the first place?

Dress to look like the images below. Choose colours that would belong in these pictures. The water in the distance, the gentle splash, the clean soft breeze. Put them together in a way that feels the same. Put the scenery of your appearance together to create the feeling you get from the photos that follow.

True summer forest with purple flowers

[caption id="attachment_1142" align="alignnone" width="400"]True summer landscape grassy field Photo credit: Sonja Mason[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1143" align="alignnone" width="400"]True summer dark clouds Photo credit: Sonja Mason[/caption]

True summer pink flower

True summer red flowers

True summer green plants


True Summer Ensembles


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