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Best Makeup Colours : Dark Winter

Personal Colour Analysis (PCA) has its origins in your soul. It reaches way down to the innermost part of your being and identifies the vibrational energy of the colours you project on the outside.

You are a being of light. Once you know the colours of your natural light, you can repeat them in everything you wear. It's not just to look good, though you surely will. Words like wholeness, complete, unified, and aligned, inner with outer, may help you think about colour in a different way.

Without PCA, you cannot possibly know your own rainbow. Like most folks, then, everything you wear, every item in your makeup drawer, your jewelry, and your highlights all communicate something different. The result is like a visual white noise.

Your makeup colours are your clothes colours. Your clothes colours are your eye colours. Your hair highlight colour is in your skin's pigments. A thousand questions answered when you know.

In 12 Season Personal Colour Analysis, Dark Winter includes Winter's cool and dark colours, with the red-violet core of all Winters. An element of Autumn is still present slightly dulling the colours, as Autumn does. I am a Dark Winter. Sandra Bullock and Winona Ryder probably are too, and so are a Canada goose and a bald eagle.

The person is not necessarily dark, but the colours that optimize their skin and eyes are dark relative to the other Seasons. Greens are darker, corals are darker, and the overall look is medium to dark.

As Winters, some of the lights are very light, as icy colours. Compare that to the Dark Autumn, who is not flattered by icy lights because they are primarily Autumns. Their light colour palette is very different from Dark Winter's, though the darker colour palette has some similarities.

Nude beige lip colours are a choice Winters should avoid. To balance the eyes and hair, colour on the mouth brings the entire face into focus. Winters look fabulous with clear dividing lines between colour blocks. When the lips blend too much into the skin, it does not look healthy, natural, outdoorsy, or pretty. It looks like Snow White with lips the colour of concealer.

Many would say that we can't go around with fuchsia, purple, or crimson lips at the office or the soccer game. In a heavy application, that may be so. A Winter going for a more natural look will stay true to their palette, as anyone does, but choose a more sheer product.

Best makeup colours for Dark winter

Eyeliners shown at the bottom are charcoal or black-brown. Urban Decay Zero is a good charcoal for women of this colouring.

The makeup will work with every eye colour in the Season because the skin colours are shared. Who got green in the eyes and who got brown doesn't matter when the greens and browns are the same.