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Best Makeup Colours : Soft Summer

Soft Summer is a nuanced colouring, possibly explaining why these individuals have often been placed in several Seasons in the past.

Therefore, the appearance works best when colours are subtle. Soft Summer dresses for an art gallery opening. She wears her makeup the same way. Ultimately tasteful and sophisticated, she would be invited anywhere.

In 12 Season Colour Analysis, Soft Summer is the Neutral Season that is basically a Summer, incorporating the earliest feeling of Autumn.  Here on the outskirts of Autumn, the drop of gold feels like light taupe, settling over the entire palette, adding softness and only a hint of warming.

Autumn Fog

If you looked at True Summer's colours through the sky in the picture above, they might look like the cosmetic colors palette below. Look at the effect the mauve-grey-taupe has on the background relative to the colours in the foreground. They become little warmer and more muted and quiet.

Best Makeup colours for soft summer

There are no extremes of darkness or brightness, with all the colours hugging the middle range. The overall effect is cooler than warm, so no gold, warm beige, or orange will be found. The feeling is gentle but not fragile, an oak tree rather than a crystal vase (which would be Bright Spring).

A beautiful eye appears to be gazing out of a misty pool. Eyeshadows and liners are hazy tan greys, mauve greys, smoky browns, and pewter tones. The eyeliner is not much darker than the eyeshadow, to avoid creating an obvious line which may look severe. In this Season, liner can distinguish itself by being a different color than the shadow, instead of a darker color.

Cool for Soft Summer is dusty plum, while warm is tan rose (still definitely a cool version). I love Soft Summer's red. Summer is restorative, not catalytic. We're still in the realm of rose petals, they just live on a dusty road.

Shimmer in makeup may sometimes run the risk of over-gilding the lily. A satin finish diffuses more seamlessly with the natural reflectivity of the skin.  The colours are highly sophisticated, in the colours of money. High shine, frost, or a dewy effect are not as natural as a matte finish. A quiet shimmer in an eyeshadow highlight is lovely, keeping in mind the subtle effect.