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Best Makeup Colours : Bright Winter

The Bright Seasons would not be as perplexing as they are if someone had not made an allusion to clear eyes. Suddenly, they became indefinable. Who has clear eyes? Who doesn't? Analysts run a little scared of pronouncing someone Bright Winter.

In 12 Season Personal Colour Analysis, this group belongs to the Winter category. Colours are moderately dark overall and reaching to the extreme ends of the lightest to darkest gray scale, as Winter does. Colours are also highly saturated and cool-neutral, just to the cool side of halfway between warm and cool.

Bright Winter is a Neutral Season, a Winter with a Spring infusion. Spring does do some fascinating things when it mixes with Winter, maybe part of what makes this colouring so consuming of our attentions and imaginations. Maybe it is the relief we have evolved to feel when warmth returns to tell us that we survived another cold spell.

When pure and clear colour energy mixes with Winter power and scale, the effect is arresting. When the sweet innocence of Spring flows into Winter formality, it feels almost heartbreaking.

Some of the True Winter cold is substituted for the Spring pale yellow warmth. Not buttercup yet, not even daffodil. More like snowdrops. There is a trace of the delicate in these people, unlike True Winter that neither looks nor acts delicately ( or if they do, you soon learn it's pretend).

Snowdrops flowers

Spring also lightens the colours, compared to True Winter darkness. Only a bit. This is the lightest of the Winters. The person can look too light for the cliche of how a stereotypic Winter appearance, often living as Light or True Summers, but the true colour balance is found as a lighter Winter, not a bright Summer.

These are the Colour Analysis cosmetic colours that work so perfectly with this skin tone.

Bright winter best makeup colours

The eyeshadow in icy violet is incredible. Merle Norman makes Freesia and it is gorgeous for a reason. The icy is Winter. The violet is the complement of yellow, a component of all Spring skin.

The other hilite is yellow, or creamy, but still quite neutral champagne. Everyone can do neutral champagne. Just avoid brown, beige, buff, gold, and pastel.

Eyeshadow for the Brights is a search challenge. You can do a clean light grey and deeper charcoal (left column). You can add in a bit of brown and get to taupe (right column) but barely any. Will you be able to find 2 separate products? You might, but you would not need to.

Shimmer in makeup is a definite possible, though never necessary. The industry just makes so much of it that it's easier to find. Winter has a still polish. Spring expresses dazzle and movement. Merge the two and the shimmer works. One facial feature at a time.

Eyeliner is charcoal, or black-brown. Purple can be great, but certainly more playful. It is lighter than True Winter's bluer colour and will look purpler. Spring allows imagination, energy, and fun, but still very contained in this group. Winter sapphire can also work. These eyeliners might be better as accents, rather than for surrounding the entire eye. You might just do an inner rim of the upper lid, or the outer section of the upper lid, merging with the charcoal. Just because you can look great in circus gear does not mean you should.

Lip and blush usually take time to get used to. Start light or sheer with makeup. Your palette includes lighter choices too. The lip often has a fair bit of natural colour. The rest of us would love it on you immediately, but I get that it is you who has to wear it. Ask someone you trust. Sugarplum gloss is lovely.

As for the clear eyes thing, it would not help you pick a Bright Winter out of a line-up.  Everyone's colouring is perfectly balanced in their face. You would notice the clear eyes in a second if they suddenly appeared in an Autumn face. They are often black-brown, Virginia turtle eyes (transparent turquoise), which become OMG with charcoal eyeliner, or may be Asian black or wolf-yellow.

Everyone has amazing eyes. Once we notice them, we all find it hard to stop looking. It is so important to get rid of the distracting clutter. Calm down the skin, the hair, the over-makeup, and let your eyes leave an echo.