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How Springs Intensify Eye Colour

The wonderful benefit of colour analysis is that by wearing the colours already in you, same value, warmth, and saturation, you attain the youngest, healthiest, skin tone and the most natural looking makeup.

When Spring eyes are light in colour, they are usually quite light. If surrounded by dark eyeliner, hoping to create attention with a strong light/dark contrast, the problem is that the dark colour does not appear anywhere in the natural colouring, so it looks false or apart. The other effect is to do what a dark line around a light shape always does, to close it in and make it appear smaller.

For all 3 Springs,

1. Makeup is not earthy or pastel.

Earthy means orange and muted. These colours are desert tan colours, like bronzer. Springs have warmth in the colouring and brown eye makeup can work, but it's often lighter and more yellow, from Rice Krispies to beer colours.

Pastel means softened with gray and not too pale. Spring colouring is  vivacious, with colours that are creamy or juicy. Pastel effects are beautiful for Summer colouring, and not the best choice for any other.

When makeup is too cool, the effect is ghostly in the skin, rather than healthy and glowing with vitality. Warmth is a cornerstone of Spring.

2. Eyebrows matter.

PCA brings attention to your eyes like never before. They are the focal point of your entire being. The brows are the upper frame for the eye. Keep them neat and shaped. The cheekbone is the lower frame for the eye.

3. The waterline of the eye is the inner rim of the lower lid.

In colours in harmony with your own, it will be calm and clear,  the same colour as the rest of the skin. That looks healthy, cleans up the white of the eye, and sharpens the iris. You could put a line of cream eyeliner there.

4. Never underestimate the power of jewelry.

It is always viewed with the eyes. Violet eyeliner may not look entirely grownup in makeup, but violet in jewelry can be remarkable. Spring infuses everything it touches with happiness and movement, so can it wear a lot of bright, clear colour. Even costume jewelry and plastic beads work very well. They express the exuberance, the enthusiasm for life, that is felt even at the outer reaches of the Season.

If you are young and want to wear violet eyeliner, be sure it comes from your Personal Colour Palette. Stay away from purpley grey or brown. It's the color of the string on the necklace linked above.

5. Mascara is cool brown to black brown, depending on how dark you are. Black looks like spider eyelashes. Some of the dark-haired Bright Springs can wear black. Smear a few out on paper to compare them.

6. Wear your eye colour and wear its complementcolour in clothing.

7. Wear a yellow-cream or yellow-peach eyeshadow hilite. It brings out yellow in the eye.

Light Spring

These people may be translucently fair or more medium in appearance, in keeping with the narrow light to dark range of Summer and Spring. Some have ash hair and look like Summers. Some have yellow-green or brown in the eye and believe they are Autumns.

This is a Light Spring eye. Notice that there there is yellow in it. It may be a green yellow, but it is certainly not an orange yellow. Notice too that the lashes are not very dark.

Light spring eye with light lashes

Repeat effects using makeup if eyes are blue or green will be the cream eyeshadow hilite or the cream waterline pencil, but go easy with this waterline thing. It can look bizarre quickly. If you love a pale aqua eyeliner, you're under 25, and you are not in a professional situation, have at 'er.

With the Summer cooling effect, Light Spring still has more grays in their palette than browns. You want an eyelinerthat defines without overtaking. Rimmel Stormy Grey is good. Summer may have left an unexpected charcoal rim to the iris and this repeats it nicely. Wear your gray clothes, for the same reason.

Keep makeup light in colour. Do not be talked into pops of colour that just compete with what you are. Even contour eyeshadows should be light. Louise does not wear dark makeup.

If green is in the eye, wear your clear light red lips, even as a sheer. Red and green are complements.

Go easy on the frost. The Summer Spring blends have a deceivingly fragile complexion. Makeup effects can take over and fast. Do a thin shimmer in one place at a time, maybe inner corner of eye. Or maybe do a lipgloss over lisptick in a light peach-gold like MAC Instant Gold Lustregloss.

True Spring

These are the fair-skinned, light-eyed, yellow blondes. In the real world, the True Spring may have medium brown hair, since there are few real blondes after 30, and glowy golden green eyes.

Same repeat effects as Light Spring if eyes are blue or green.

Brown eyeliner is good. Warm yellowed gray also works. As ever for Spring, it is not an orange brown. Can Spring still wear orange? Absolutely, a clear orange. It's just that the browns are not oranged.

Balance the eye with lively lip colors. Flat and safe looks like Nicole Kidman in pale hair and lips. Spiritless in a Season based on the very opposite concept. The whole face, the entire presence is drained and diluted. True Spring can balance a lot of the right colours and look fantastic in them.

Brown eyeshadow is fine. Light and clear, such as linen, blonde, and honey eyeshadow.

Wear bronzer that is not too yellow or brown. It should be a sheer, pale, yellow-golden-beige. This is Stila 01 at Sephora. Sweep it up onto the forehead, around the eye.

light spring bronzer

Add a touch of cheek highlighter in a light yellow gold if you're young. This is the face of the glowing outdoors.

As ever, wear your eye colours from your palette somehow every day. A scarf, a pin, an earring, a purse, a hairband.

Bright Spring

If the eyes are light, you may wonder why Summer pastels are so detracting to the appearance. If the eyes are darker, you wonder why Autumn drapes look tragic, while all the lines are eased away by the Spring drapes.

These women can use the light/dark contrast of dark brown or grey eyeliner with light eyes, because the darkness of the hair and natural light to dark range will create balance. The grey must be clean and crisp, and less dark than Winter. Merle Norman Galaxy and Annabelle Mercury are good.