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Best Makeup Colours : True Winter

In 12 Season Personal Colour Analysis, True Winter is the pure Season whose most important colour fact is its coolness. By 'most important', I mean 'least medium'. The saturation and darkness are medium to high. Only coolness is set to maximum.

The color at the core of Winter is red-purple, clear and blue-based. Combine the coolness with darkness, and we formality, distance, immobility, and also, we sense danger.

Best makeup colors for True Winter

Winter needs space and will resist any sort of control. Tough and brave, selfish and loyal, this beauty is awesome and comfortable with the extremes.

True Winter has some serious strength in their colouring. They can balance impacting makeup, and you might say that they need it to fully appear. They may wear eyeliner along the inner rim of the eyelids, the waterline, and look even more remarkable and a little fierce.

It may take time to get used to fuchsia, ruby, dark plum, and crimson in blush and lipstick. Begin with sheer colours, but don't compromise the colour. Your makeup will be invisible, or else it will be noticeable as some warm, wishy-washy shade on your skin tone. Look for sheer red-violet, fuchsia, or raspberry tones.

The basic eyeshadow is a clean, crisp steel gray. Winter grays have little visible colour, maybe a touch of blue, red, or purple. In other Season grays, the colour is more visible.