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Best Makeup Colours : True Spring

The  makeup colours that look most natural and believable on our face are those already in our face.

Choreograph your appearance to keep repeating.

You begin with a natural colour palette that is specific, not random.

Repeat it with your clothes.

And again in your hair colour.

Again in your makeup.

Once more in accessories.

Level after level after level of building blocks that stack up precisely. Every element is aligned. That looks like strength.

Once you learn which of the 12 palettes is yours, you hold your ideal cosmetic colours in your hands.

Please note that the colours below are approximations and look different on every screen. Your most reliable colour guide is the palette you receive from your colour analyst.


Best makeup colours for true spring

When these colours come from the same palette, they harmonize automatically. Each of the 12 palettes is configured to be fully mix and  match with the only limitation being your own preference. With cosmetics, that includes formulation, level of desired impact or drama, brand, and other factors. The colours work with another and every aspect of the wardrobe. You may choose to adjust darkness level in accordance with your own preferences, occasion, outfit, and so on.

In understanding who we are, we feel renewed. By wearing our own colouring as cosmetics, we also look rejuvenated, by 10 years at least.