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Best Makeup Colours : True Summer

The sensible place to begin when choosing colours for our home is understanding the colours that are already there. With makeup, knowing our own colouring, the canvas on which the makeup will be painted, is essential.

We have a colour scheme, like the first wash of a painting. Working in harmony with it is essential because cosmetics at their best appear to be part of the skin, not apart from it, either sitting above or fading away.

Imagine a cosmetic wardrobe that is an identical match with our own colours, a  mesh so seamless that nobody could tell where the makeup ends and our face begins. When the alignment is that good, the makeup looks custom-colored for us.

Best makeup colours for true summer

In Seasonal Colour Analysis, this Season cosmetic colour palette is cool, soft, and light.

To know what to buy, you need to know what to ignore. 90% of what is at the makeup counter is not your best choice. The other 10%? Fabulous.