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Best Makeup Colours : True Autumn

True Autumn is one of the 4 True Seasons. In 12 Season colour analysis,  the natural colours of 3 to 4 times more people falls into the 8 Neutral Seasons, meaning the blends of 2 True Seasons.

True Autumns generally look medium in darkness. The palette colours reach a darkness level similar to that of coffee. It is when the entire palette is fanned out that we perceive more overall darkness. As with Summer, colours are still softened, including the dark ones.

The unity of the colours is created by gold. The warmth gives a look that is so rich that colours, alone and together, may seem brighter than they are.

Gold is grayer than yellow, hence the earthier colours of Autumn relative to the fruit salad feeling of Spring. Are the colours drab? Maybe if the only colour in the outfit is army green. Pumpkin, curry, warm turquoise and teal, deep periwinkle, and bronzed red and purple are a long way from dreary. True Autumns are often practical people who don't care for show and fuss and may need time to get comfortable with the glowing warmth.

The  skin of True Autumn wearing her colours appears lit by an Arizona sun. Bronzer is a fabulous way to heighten the warm burnish of the skin. Pink blush is not ideal, but a touch of warm gold creates golden russet or adobe blush, which along with the bronzer, is hard to beat.

They also can have metal colors (gold, copper, bronze) in the iris of the eye, a most amazing effect, and even more when repeated in the natural highlights in the hair. A warm gold eyeshadow, placed as a dot in the center of the upper eyelid, just above the eyeliner, then covered with the neutral eyeshadow, adds dimension and accentuates the gold.

The colour palette offers many options for cosmetics. Here are the basics:

Best makeup colours for true autumn

Are you a True Autumn? Look at Clinique lipstick in Paprika, Lancome Couture Suede, and Revlon Sandalwood Beige.

Metallic effects, especially in earth tones, is so successful on Autumn colouring that it may work well in makeup also. Be discerning here. For some, shimmer may appear artificial, especially if near to Soft Autumn. If kept to one area at a time, such as upper eyelid or lips, the effect is beautiful.