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Why A Man Knows His Colours

A male strength: Taking appearance less personally than women. It just is.

The video below is also here on YouTube

The Bright Spring Pinterest board link is here. Pinterest is an application where you can see the palette book come to life. If these don’t suit your style, choose colours that could slide among these as equal participants. If I went shopping today in one Canadian store, the items shown with the (Aug/19)  caption would be worth trying. 

Why men hire colour consultants

Brainstorming products that might meet clients’ wants and needs uses a lot of resource. It’s like hitting the board with the hammer over and over, hoping to connect with the nail.

There’s a better way: Ask the client directly.

Men never say, “I want to know my Season.”

People want outcomes.

Here’s why these men why wanted to know their colours:

I don’t want to spend $ on clothes that don’t look good.

I earn money by projecting an image. I lose money by projecting an image too.

I can’t tell what to wear with what. It all looks the same to me.

I’m looking to date again. I want women to say yes. And not because I’m looking for a babysitter.

I look young. I want to be a little outrageous and still know I’m sending the right message.


Why men don’t hire colour consultants

Most common in my practice, it’s the wife who calls.

“I care what he looks like even if he doesn’t. His Mr. Rogers sweaters are boring. I’m hiring you so I can be attracted to my husband. I’m doing this for me. You figure out the science, I’ll nail his derriere to the chair.”

She's happy so he’s happy.

Everyone has their interests, but he’ll turn around and come home with another 5K of do-nothing clothes when he would never do that with a car or a BBQ. Is the car or the BBQ purchased purely for function, or is it indirectly related to presentation, replacing apparel in some way? Am I over-complicating the male mind?

Women know they need beauty in their lives. They want to feel it, see it, touch it, and share it with others. When we asked colour analysts why they chose the career path, bringing creativity into their lives was the one answer given by every person, along with bringing beauty into the lives of others, as Miss Rumphius did (here at Amazon), from this lovely children’s book given to me by a recent student of the colour analyst training course.

I believe that men have the same requirement, of being surrounded with beauty in some form, be it colour or music or flavour. They have a different relationship with beauty than women and associate it less with their personal presentation. Appearance is taken at face value, literal and functional. Clothing is clothing, whereas women see appearance as information and colour as language.

The video below is also here on YouTube.

Photo credit: Thank you to Susan for the gorgeous header image.