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Sample Sets

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Sample Sets

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Sets for each Season include a sample of current makeup colours for the Season, including:

  • Lipstick
  • Lipgloss
  • Blush
  • Contour
  • Eyeshadow accent
  • Eyeshadow from the 5-pan palette.

The colours in each set are itemized in the product descriptions in the Shop.

Colours are discontinued occasionally. You may find that a sample colour is unavailable when you wish to purchase full size product. Keep a swatch on paper or a card for future comparisons or matching in stores.

New colours are added often and may be absent from your set. If you feel confident in the colours in your set and find the descriptions in the shop accurate, you will be well supported with decisions regarding new colours.

Picture having a selection of makeup colours and products selected to enhance your natural colours.

Makeup that makes sense and looks beautiful.

Use it for:


The sublime beauty of harmonious colour is easy to appreciate when we see it.

It finds a permanent place in our memory.

For this purpose, imagination is less powerful.


What to keep, what could work, and a reason to remove colours that don't serve you.

From a Soft Summer reader:

I put your 12 Blueprints pallete in the center of a magnetic makeup case and used it to determine what makeup to keep and what to throw out. It was my centering point. It was so helpful and made the process fast. It showed me how warm my stuff was. At the time I had lived as an *incorrectly* self analyzed soft autumn for a few years. My go to color was ‘Jiffy peanut butter brown.’ :) The concept of wearing cool colors, especially grey! ? was so foreign to me! Your pallet was like a loving guiding hand. I would have been so  lost without it! Thank you!! The quality far exceeded my expectations too! I’m amazed how long it’s lasted. 


Use the samples to make a chart of your amazing colour harmony in makeup.

Keep a picture on your phone to compare colours in store.

Or keep white cards in your purse to paint colours in the store and later, compare with your colour chart at home.  


Pick your preferences. Natural or impacting? Sheer or creamy?


Your colours are your colours in everything you wear.

Could an eyeshadow be a brow colour? A scarf?

Could a gloss be an earring?

Quite possibly, yes, and yes.


Creativity is finding new ways of putting things together.

The mixtures may be as good or better than the originals.