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PCA Training Course Testimonials

Christine likes to use the word "gift", and she does not use it lightly. In turn, I would like to say that being trained by her is truly a gift, and she will empower you to bring the amazing gift of personal color analysis to your own corner of the world. You need someone to train you who can both uncompromisingly think through and unabashedly feel PCA- and, true to the dedication of her book, Return to Your Natural Colors- this is what Christine does. She will prepare you to approach the discipline of PCA with your head and your heart. As you do many drapings with her, she will step back little by little throughout the course until, like a parent finally letting go of a child's first two-wheel bike, she can see you are ready to journey ahead on your own. She is a brilliant wordsmith, an avid encourager, a diligent student of her craft, a master teacher, and a gracious woman. I couldn't recommend her course more highly, and am happy to correspond with anyone about it (Christine can provide you with my email address).



I came home from my training with Christine feeling proud and excited. I had been an avid reader of her posts, so insightful and beautifully written. I knew if I was going to study personal color analysis, I wanted Christine as a teacher. I was also somewhat apprehensive about traveling to Canada alone, expecting it to be difficult, but it wasn't. It was an easy destination and Christine herself took care of things like taking me to get groceries for the room! Christine is as good a teacher as she is analyst and writer. She teaches by example that patience and persistence are needed to find the very best colors for someone. I felt my training was excellent and exceeded my expectations. I also greatly benefitted from my own analysis. By seeing myself through Christine's expert eyes, I felt more empowered to move forward. I'm so glad I took advantage of this opportunity!



I have draped 14 people now, 7 of them "paying" clients. I have four more booked in the next month. This is proceeding at about the right pace for me, since I have a full-time job. The drapes are amazing. They help me describe to the client exactly what to look for, and so far, all have "seen" it. We put on some lipstick and blush and they are amazed.
Your words come flooding back to me when I'm doing an analysis, and all the fine points that you repeated to help our discrimination grow are becoming second nature. My favorite two analyses were a 90 yr-old woman and my 81-yr-old friend. Both of them looked generally awful, most of the time. One felt that she needed a professional persona which meant, to her, dressing in red and black. In my mind's eye, I had dressed her in almost every season, and could not get past the black raccoon sockets she had for eyes. So, every season, except mine, Light Spring, which was so enlivening to her face that neither of us could miss it. It has been a long time since she has received compliments on her appearance, and she is enjoying it immensely. "I must have looked really terrible before!" I have also learned that I've buying my mother the wrong clothes for 40 years. Assuming she was a True Summer, she is a Bright Winter. No wonder she always looked so tired. She too, is getting unexpected compliments - one of those very rare events in her life. My mom has very little interest in make-up, clothing, or shopping, but after watching the effect on her own face, she has been wearing the blush and lipstick daily!


The 12blueprints course is intensive--but it needs to be. Christine takes you through your trials diligently and with great eloquence.  She is a dynamic person and the class is a roller-coaster ride of both color discovery and self discovery. The town of Chatham ON is friendly, and the hotel is comfortable, well-run and relaxed. Christine handles all the details with flair, responsibility and understanding.



The 12 Blueprints Color Analysis Course is fantastic. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to meet Christine and learn so much about color analysis from her expertise.The training course is very intensive with most of the training spent systematically draping models, learning to see the flattering and unflattering effects that color can have on a person. After studying color analysis from many different books and websites, I appreciated being able to learn directly from Christine about what Sci/Art color analysis is. Christine really does show how the seasonal drapes which bring out the best in a person are not necessarily the ones you would think based on a person’s apparent coloring.  During the training, Christine explains how to problem-solve different draping situations, teaches how to swatch clothing and make-up correctly, and advises on how to provide what clients will find helpful during a color analysis. The “Discerning Our Natural Colours” accompanying course manual is also beautifully written and a detailed excellent reference. Christine is a wealth of knowledge and she teaches in a casual, inspiring, and fun way throughout the training.  I would recommend the 12 Blueprints Color Analysis Course to anyone looking for the tools and comprehensive training needed to conduct an accurate color analysis.



I studied PCA with Christine in September 2013, and I’m very glad I did, despite the long journey from Finland to Canada that was necessary to realise this dream!

If you’re considering taking this course, you should expect the experience to be very intense: I never once stepped outside the hotel during the three days, but who cares when there’s so much magic happening in the colour room! It’s truly amazing to see how different a person looks once they have their right colours on, and how the wrong ones can truly trick the eye into believing a person’s features have suddenly become distorted, never mind how weird it is to see the drape colour fade away when placed on the wrong person! You will learn many, many more things that you might have thought you knew, but to see really is to believe, and more than that, to understand how colour works. This isn’t the easiest skill to learn and there’s lots of information you need to be able to correctly evaluate a person’s colouring. I can’t imagine being able to perform a PCA without having been taught by an expert like Christine, who  is a natural at teaching, giving you enough room so that you can learn by doing, but always there with a -suitably leading- question or comment when you need it.

Not only is Christine incredibly efficient, organised and thorough, but also extremely friendly and easy to talk to. She will do her very best to answer any of those questions that have probably been robbing you of your peace of mind for so long. Trust me, I arrived with a long list of them!

I highly recommend this course!

Johanna Järvinen, Finland


The best way to find out your vocation in life is to ask yourself: ‘What would you do if you didn’t have to earn money?’ For me, the answer is ‘helping people become the best versions of themselves by projecting their inner beauty outwards.’ Luckily, I found the way to make money with my lifelong passion, and it’s called ‘personal color analysis.’

I have been fascinated with color and its effects on people for as long as I can remember. Having spent my childhood in the USSR where the colors of clothing often ranged from bleak to drab and you only got to wear what you managed to buy after standing in a 3-hour line, I entered the 90-s as a tween and was overwhelmed by the whole new variety of colors that came rushing in with imported clothing. All you had to do was choose what was right for you, and that’s where the hardest part started. Throughout the decade and well into my twenties I struggled to find my best colors and looked for clues in the people around me. Needless to say, it was trial and error (error mostly), but it was then that I learned that I’m not alone in my search for beauty, and that most people get it wrong, too.

It was this search that brought me to Christine’s site where I learned for the first time about the Sci\Art system, the only one among all other personal color analysis systems that is rooted in science. And what had once started as a search for my own truth evolved into the desire to help others discover their most beautiful selves.

Christine is always there to support you on your journey—from the moment you express your desire to become a student to the moment you start taking baby steps as a newly trained 12Blueprints analyst and beyond that. Having completed the training course you will learn about everything you need to know, own, and do in order to get your business up and running in no time. Well in advance of your 3-day hands-on training course you receive a training guide that outlines the science behind the process and a very elaborate description of the way to put this science to practice. You get business planning and marketing advice (lots of it!). You get website and Internet marketing tips. You get a list of every item you need to own; you get visual aids and fabric samples and paint cards to help you nail that perfect neutral gray for the interiors of your future studio. Everything is covered; nothing is left out. And the training is very intensive, totaling up to almost 25 hours of draping real people of every age and level of color awareness, just like you would with your future clients: You meet teenagers, adult men and women, and senior ladies. Some have perfectly smooth skin; many have strong wrinkles, or inflamed skin, or stubble. Some are color-savvy; others don’t know a thing about color harmony but can see their faces light up in the right colors. Some sit still; many will fidget under the all-seeing eye of the softbox lighting. You go through every stage of the learning process: first, the doubt; second, the certainty and jumping to quick verdicts; and after that comes the educated doubt that you need to take home with you and use as the starting point of your new professional path.

Learning from Christine is easy and smooth: She is an exemplary teacher who practices a non-direct coaching approach and helps you learn fast, both by practice and by her own example; not only her trade, but her excellent people skills as well. Christine will also have you covered where you wouldn’t think you need to be covered, like presenting you with a big bag of healthy snacks and a set of utensils that comes in very handy when ordering takeout food (be sure to check out the extensive list of restaurants at the hotel’s reception that is run by the friendliest of staff) or offering that much needed glass of excellent Shiraz-Cabernet in the evening while summarizing the discoveries you made during the day and having a friendly chat with your legs up for relaxation. An excellent experience in every aspect and a great start to a new business.

Ksenia Zvyagina, Moscow


As a person who has hit every road block in this field, both in trying to become a professional, and as a customer trying to find my way to the truth of my coloring, I can honestly say this training program has been the light at the end of the tunnel. Christine is a centered, thoughtful, and extensively knowledgeable guide to seeing both color analysis, and yourself as a professional in the field in a way that exceeds all expectations. Additionally, Christine’s very generous amount of continued support once you’ve returned home to your own budding studio is invaluable both to your continued growth as an analyst and the standard of excellence across her practicing trainees. Simply put, the decision to become a certified 12 Blueprints Color Analyst has been one of the best of my life. Enroll and be amazed at the analyst Christine can teach you to become.

Rachel Nachmias, Philadelphia, PA


A few words about my training with Christine: Christine is one of the most professional and thorough persons I have ever met. She came across as direct and extremely focused already in our (extensive) email communication leading up to the training, and in real life she is exactly the same way. No waffling about, and in depth to the point of being piercing. She is ruthlessly honest, scrupulously aware of details, with powers of observation that go beyond awesome. And with all this, one would expect a woman without a sense of humour. Not so. All this is served with a healthy dose of dry sense of humour. The training is systematic, and the selection of models to practice on she has offered as broad experience as possible given that we have limited time, offering examples of challenging and surprising results. Christine is relentless in the pursuit of objective observation and systematic and thorough approach to the PCA session and she expects no less of her student. This is no summer camp. There were moments when the sizzling of my brain was almost drowning out the sound of the air conditioning fan. She did not pressure me to participate beyond what I felt ready for, but supported me when I wanted to learn by practice rather than observation. The training was intense, and there is a lot of information and many impressions to process. However, the systematic and thorough presentation carried me through and I am confident that I come home armed with the tools (both the test drapes and luxury drapes are extensive and magnificent) and the knowledge necessary to start doing personal colour analysis. Yes, I am still scared, but the fear is tempered by emerging competency, and totally steeped in a bubbling enthusiasm.

Jorunn Hernes, Norway


My training experience with Christine was fantastic. I left the course feeling completely prepared to go out and drape others successfully. I feel honored to have trained under Christine's knowledge and expertise of color. Her teaching methods were concise and clear, and addressed all aspects that I needed to know to start my own PCA business. The drapes she supplied me with are excellent and accurate, and I am confident they'll help me drape clients reliably. To anyone interested in learning this fascinating trade, I would recommend Christine's course hands down. She's worth every penny and you will graduate with all the tools and confidence you need to be a successful and competent color analyst.

Thank you!!

Katherine Schlagal, San Antonio, Texas


So its been a year and a half since my training - definitely one of the best decisions of my life. I'll start with saying that i agree with everything said so well in the testimonials above regarding Christine's training; i have little to add, other than that the training days continue to evolve with feedback, so they just get even better. And the structure is not rigid - for example, i am someone who needs time to absorb and mull on new things before i can act, and that was fine.

What's cool is that the remarkable people talking here become your colleagues - and I cannot imagine a better group. In truth, it was the dual concept of being part of a professional group, plus benefitting from Christine's stellar reputation, that were major factors for me in deciding to follow my heart down this career path. With no background in colour (I have a doctorate in neuroscience) , it might be seen as rather a right-turn for me, but i was just riveted by my draping with Christine three years ago, and then a realization that I could be part of empowering people, bringing them the insight and joy that i felt. And frankly, the art and science of this profession has many parallels to my scientific world: there is an objective truth -"technical harmony" - to be discovered with each person, and you have to be able to identify the misleading interference / noise in order to get to that truth. You have to balance the skill of making valid conclusions on accumulated evidence, vs taking mental shortcuts that lead to assumptions and wrong conclusions. You have to constantly move between the forest and the trees (i.e. from the overall effect, the visceral feel to technical changes in the face) - both matter. Most fundamentally, you have to learn to SEE the effects, and how to interpret them, how to synthesize them, to make a sound judgment call. Be warned - I found it a learning curve for sure, I just had to keep draping and getting feedback, nothing can substitute for experience, sort of an internship in my mind. The rewards are immense though - the unforgettable energy and awe when a person is in their colour home. (And also be warned, lol, you will fall in love with your drapes - such finely calibrated high-quality tools, and so beautiful too.)

Lisa Kelly, Ottawa, Canada


To anyone who is passionate about color and considering the training course - mark some time off on your calendar and sign up!

The course is comprehensive, covering all areas you will need to know about. It even addresses subjects you might not have thought about yet. The training guide is thoughtfully made, covering in logical order all details related to the practice of color analysis. I consider it my PCA bible.

From the day I signed up, Christine has shown amazing support to her trainees. She can be counted on to provide thorough explanation so you can trust that any questions you have will be clearly answered. Her precise and analytical nature makes her an exceptional conduit for sharing this technique and for teaching the future 12 Blueprints Analysts how to develop and to trust their own eye.

I cannot say enough good things about the training program. The trainer, the materials, and the instruction are all excellent. The community of 12 Blueprints trained analysts feels like a family. Even after the training is over, they are there to continue to share ideas and resources.

I also am very pleased that I purchased the set of testing drapes while at the training. They are of exceptional quality and have held up beautifully to the dozens of uses they have received so far. It brings peace of mind to know that the primary tool in my analysis is one that was hand-crafted by experts in the field.

Amanda Brown, Wisconsin, USA


Having experience in color and it's relationship to people, I had high expectations for the training from 12 Blueprints. I was not disappointed! Christine's instruction made the process incredibly clear. Every detail was addressed from the color analysis process itself to tools and tips of the trade. I walked away from this training confident that I had learned all I had hoped to...and more. Thank you, Christine, for passing on such valuable material...figuratively and literally.

 Rachel Chapin Martinez, Mrs. California United States 2015


What a delight to have had the opportunity to spend 4+ days training with Christine Scaman, one of the foremost authorities and thought leaders on PCA! If you are interested in Personal Color Analysis as a career path or simply for personal enrichment, I highly recommend the 12 Blueprint Analyst course! You will learn a wealth of information that will help you build a solid foundation to build a PCA business  upon.

As an instructor Christine is patient, articulate, supportive, meticulous, warm, and committed to her students success! The course is rigorous but Christine incorporated regular breaks to recharge and refuel. Christine also graciously accommodated my preferred training dates as well as location (Vancouver, BC).

Jennifer Ballard, Portland, OR


While researching colour analysis, I found Christine’s 12 blueprints site – it was so informative and fed my passion for all things colour-related. Then Christine began analyst training and I decided that, one day, I would take her course. So, as you can imagine, when Christine announced that she was considering teaching the analyst course right where I live, in Vancouver, I knew I had to sign up. It was an intensive course and so much fun.

The course can be summed up in three parts:

Course material - The training manual and PDFs are comprehensive, well-structured and easy to understand, giving you the required base knowledge before the practical training period.

Intensive hands-on training - Christine is a true professional and a gifted teacher. I was impressed with the clarity of Christine’s training and breadth of expertise she brings to any question you might have. She instills confidence in her students. Her precise, methodical and scientific approach means one cannot help but feel secure in both the expert knowledge and the practical steps she has given you when face to face with a client. She tailored the course to my style of learning so that I could get the most out of it.

Internship and continuing education - Christine is a wonderful mentor for us all. As well as making the course a fun and positive experience, she was also very thorough, covering everything I needed to get my business up and running. She provided on-going review and feedback during the internship period. She also continues to mentor her students through the analyst forum and yearly continuing education seminars where we continue to refine our skills.

I highly recommend training the 12 blueprint training course to anyone who has a passion for colour and wants to help others find their best colours. Christine’s knowledge, commitment and professionalism are of the highest standard.

Naomi Rodd, Vancouver, B.C.


I completed my PCA course with Christine Scaman in the new location in London, Ontario, in October 2016.

First of all, I really appreciated the fact it was truly a “hands-on” training. You can only learn so much from books and on-line resources but you can not fully get it till you see it in real life. Nothing beats learning from a real draping experience, with subtle skin and eyes reactions that you simply are not able to see in videos and pictures. Therefore, I strongly recommend completing the pre-requisite reading, which allows you, during the session, to focus on building skills rather than understanding principal concepts.

Christine is a great teacher who encourages a student to observe, analyze and draw conclusions, instead of giving a ready solution. I also appreciated how she gradually, draping by draping, allowed me to take over different steps of the PCA process, adjusting the speed to my growing confidence level.

The course was intense but so rewarding. I felt exhausted at the end of the first day, but more excited and energized every next one. At the end of the course it seemed like it had been a month – I learnt so much and I felt well equipped to launch my own business.

Anna Lazarska, Poland


I recommend this course to anyone with a serious interest in color analysis, a certain level of stamina, and a willingness to see the world from new perspectives. I cannot imagine a better instructor than Christine. She is a color genius. She is also one of the most eloquent people I know, which allows her to translate her genius into clear and vivid explanations. Her attention to detail and ability to anticipate my needs made the course flow smoothly and helped me relax. For example, she took me to buy groceries the day I arrived and provided me with dishes to use in my hotel room so that I did not have to worry about dinner at the end of the day. Both in person and over email, Christine’s communications are thorough, clear, and responsive. She provides feedback in a way that is both straightforward and sensitive, making it truly constructive for my learning.

The preparation materials were excellent; they included a high level of detail without being overwhelming and helped me feel ready to dive into the course. As mentioned in the course preparation materials, the course days were long and intense. However, Christine did a good job with pacing, and I felt energized by her enthusiasm and encouragement. There is a lot of information to absorb, and some aspects of the color analysis process were subtler than I expected. This is certainly a skill that requires practice, perceptiveness, and self-awareness, all of which the course addresses well.

I would be happy to answer questions or provide more detail about how inspiring and illuminating this course was for me. My contact email is

Hope Turner, Massachusetts

My training with Christine was one of the most enjoyable, enriching and educational experiences I have had.  Christine is a wonderful, quality mentor.  She has taken the time to build a course that can carry a trainee from the basics all the way to the fine-level details, while feeling supported throughout the journey.  And, she has done so in a way that allows trainees to master the basics before their in-person training, making the best time of the 4-day course to truly delve into the material and allow the opportunity to develop skills, ask questions, and explore the complexity of PCA.  Christine is so knowledgable and experienced in the field of PCA, and is generous and transparent with her trainees of all that she has learned.  And, I particularly loved that her own ideas and theories on PCA continue to evolve as she learns and observes more - I think we tend to do the best in our respective fields when we are adaptable, flexible, and willing to follow what evidence shows us.
I won't sugar-coat the challenge of learning PCA.  I found it to be one of the most difficult things I've learned, in equal difficulty to a number of skills I learned while earning a master of science in marine science.  But, Christine provided all of the support I needed to do so.  She began with baby steps, with plenty of hand-holding and prompts where needed, and fluidly transitioned through the course, allowing me to be more and more independent, so that I could learn self-reliance and build the self confidence needed when I'd be flying solo.
As icing on the cake, I genuinely enjoyed getting to know and spend time with Christine.  She is truly a pleasure to know and I think fondly on my time spent with her.

Brynn Kaufman, California


To anyone considering establishing your own Personal Color Analysis studio, I can’t think of a better way to begin than by taking the training course with Christine. From the first Skype interview, to the pre-training materials, to the practical travel advice and finally to the one-on-one in-person training, everything seemed as good as it could be.

Each day there was a specific plan of items to practice and discuss including color theory and application, business set-up and practices, and how to provide the best experience for the client. Learning the draping process began on day one when the first model walked in the door and continued each morning and afternoon through the week. What an incredible opportunity to meet these lovely people and to learn from Christine as she introduced them and me to the whole process. As we worked, she guided me gradually to more and more confidence in knowing not only how to think and work through a draping, but to also understand how it works and why we can trust the system to come to the best analysis for each person.

I am grateful to have trained with someone who is constantly working behind the scenes to translate all she’s learned about color into a useful system that we all can benefit from; it shows the incredible respect Christine has for each person and her desire to help anyone who wishes to learn their natural coloring and how to use that knowledge. Training is barely over and already I have seen the continuing support through emails and understand that it will continue through the first series of drapings on my own, and then additionally through association with the color analyst group. Going forward I am optimistic about my future success in this business adventure because of the strong foundation training has given me. Thank you, Christine!

Heidi Burnard, Utah


Dear future PCA student,
You've discovered the magic of PCA and now you wonder if you should go for it and take Christine's course to become a professional Personal Colour Analyst. I cannot recommend it enough. Here's why:
About Christine:
Christine is absolutely charming, a very kind woman who acknowledges what a big step taking a course like this is and she sees the struggles future analysts go through. She is dedicated to make you feel comfortable and welcome in her country and her studio. Christine was a great host, cared about my wellbeing and helped with organizational issues regarding the trip and the stay in London.
About the Course:
Christine is not only a great host, but also a gifted and inspiring teacher. She has an incredibly great eye for details and is a heck of a storyteller (which you probably already know from the book and blog). Her analogies are so very helpful and on point, people are just bound to "get it". She reads people's colours and behaviours as if they were written down in a book.
Whenever I had a question, she made sure I got a satisfying answer and went to great lengths explaining every optical effect until everybody in the room saw what she wanted to point out. Her dedication to thoroughly wanting to get it right every time, for every client and every student is awe-inspiring.
The training course is as in depth as it could possibly be. Be prepared to be mentally exhausted by the sheer load of information you receive, but also for having a lot of aha moments.
About my experience after Training:
However big the amount of info that is covered during the course seems to be, nothing beats the "beta-phase" experience you gather in your own studio with your own models. I received extensive support via email by Christine, where she continued to help and guide me in my first steps as a colour analyst. Whatever question occured: The answer was an email away. Learning to be a Personal Colour Analyst seems to be easily achieved at first sight (After all, it's a four day training - how hard could it be?). But actually it is something that takes quite some time to excel in, definitely nothing to be mastered within days and weeks - human colouring is more complex than it looks at first sight. I couldn't image not having these guided exercises at home, this is so valuable! However much I feel I learned in the course and however in-depth it felt, the four training days in London were just the tip of the iceberg of all the knowledge that I still want to acquire.  
I'm so happy that I took the course. I think it's absolutely worthwile and a great stepping stone into a fulfilling career.
All the best for your colourful future,
Theresa Wiesner, Germany


A whirlwind of 4 days! Exciting, scary, stretching and encouraging in equal measure. This was a fantastic and intense time of training. From the off, Christine got me involved in the process and so it felt as if every moment was useful. She was supportive and encouraging and even pushed me, ever so gently out of my comfort zone to have a go at all the aspects of a personal colour analysis. I didn’t imagine that I would be able to pack in so much learning into such a short time. There was a great mix of theory and practical and lots and lots of advice, much of which only makes sense once you are hands on with clients. And it was just the beginning. She has been a helpful and encouraging mentor as I have sought to continue to consolidate my experience with volunteer models, through discussion on a case by case basis.

Debi Rushworth, New Brunswick, Canada


I wanted to become a colour analyst for a long while, ever since Christine first announced that she would be training people. When I read the announcement on the 12 Blueprints website some years ago, I had an immediate gut feeling, a response from deep within: this was what I wanted, where I was meant to go. Someday, I told myself, I will do this.  

At the time, the training course was far beyond my means. But I saved up, and in the end I was at a point where I sent my first email to Canada to inquire about colour analyst training with Christine. Some months later, I stood on her doorstep.

I hoped the training would give me a deeper sense of colour, and help me understand harmony. I wanted to gain the technical knowledge and skills that would bring meaning to my sensitivity for colour. And I wanted to bring that special feeling of colour harmony to other women.

The training course didn’t disappoint. I learned to see colour in a whole new way, and had an amazing time working with Christine. She’s a wonderful teacher, easily adapting to my pace and always prepared to answer any questions I had, whether they were about draping choices or what the inside of a softbox looks like.

Becoming a colour analyst has enriched my life exactly as I hoped it would. I love the incredibly personal journey that every client experiences, when she sits down in front of my mirror. Bringing that colour magic into her life is truly a gift.

Florentina Mossou, The Netherlands


Christine seems like a giant in a little springy body who has been able to build and sustain such a business, community, and… academy. It’s being done step by step. By being authentic and honest, protective and empowering. She does things, because she does them, she wants them, she thinks them right.

Taking a course with her is at the same time natural and surprising. It feels familiar in the sense everything goes as it should, nothing unnecessary or superfluous. The surprise is that you are immediately in the middle of your work as an analyst. You need to change the drapes, you need to keep looking. The rest is taken care of by Christine. And then the surprise is you are handed a certificate and you realize that you (and Christine) have analysed all the models, that the course is over.

The course could be awarded the highest prize as an experience of being present. You are always there, in the room, focused to the extreme. You take short moments to sip your coffee, sit on the terrace, have a bite and a bit of sunshine. And then back to the job, which is to take in what is before you and report what you see. And what is before you is beauty, a mystery unfolding, a person coming into their own. I should add ‘into their own colours’, but this means so much more than just the right shade of red.

In between the grand moments, there are practical exercises in looking at coloured things other than humans: fabrics, cosmetics, colour palettes. You get a good insight into how Christine works. And you don’t really know how, but your eyes get trained and then you realise that you see the world differently. Well, people mainly. You will enjoy the airport more on the way back just because it’s crowded, and people are beautiful. The more, the better.

My practical advice would be: don’t bring the training manual, you won’t have time to read it. Arrive a few days before if only just to see PEI and meet Christine. Go on a shopping fast before you take the course; even if you know your season, you might be surprised.

Anna Fras, Poland


The four days of one-on-one training with Christine Scaman were invaluable. The course included incredibly helpful hands-on practice with several different models, in which Christine employed a gradual-release-of-responsibility instructional method: she began by demonstrating how she analyzes clients, and then I took on an increasing role in the analyses over the next three days. For the final model I performed the entire analysis, but I appreciated having Christine there for confirmation or to answer lingering questions. Between models I continued to learn from Christine’s impressive skills and experience, covering different aspects of business planning, marketing, and client-serving practices. Working lunches and debriefing time at the end of the day over a cup of tea gave me time to ask the many questions I noted during practices or while reading the materials provided. I appreciated Christine’s great depth of knowledge and also her flexibility during the practice sessions—letting me take a seat to observe her when I needed to recharge or to see a model’s face from a different angle. Not only was Christine very informative and well organized, but she was also very encouraging and patient. Her home-based studio was a delightful workspace and an inviting environment for unforgettable, exciting information exchanges.

My stay at the Rodd Royalty Hotel was well priced and comfortable. It included a hot-breakfast buffet, complete with varying egg dishes and meats. By choosing the no-housekeeping option I earned a $10-off coupon to use at the on-site restaurant each night. The meal I had there was good. The hotel was also conveniently located close to other restaurants, stores, and a bank. I found that I was exhausted enough from the long days of learning that I did not venture out in the evenings, but instead enjoyed some time to review notes or decompress in my pleasant hotel room after dinner. I know that some students travel to PEI with family members, but I was glad to have time alone to unwind and rest after very full days of learning.

Anne Bierwirth, OR, USA


Before the training, I did extensive research before I chose Christine as my Colour Analyst Trainer and I was thrilled to find someone so highly intelligent, respected, and credible. Christine is like a walking encyclopedia for all things relating to Colour Analysis. We spoke multiple times before the training and I immediately liked Christine and she made me feel like she liked me too. Christine is an excellent listener and speaker and is very easy to be in conversation with and to learn from. I watched many of Christine’s YouTube videos prior to our training and that made all the difference in my ability to learn and run with the training.

 During the training, I enjoyed visiting Charlottetown and got a cute Air BNB in the downtown core. My family joined me and we had a great holiday there before my training. I had fun with Christine during the training and I felt well prepared to perform my own Colour Analysis as we completed.

 After the training, Christine has tons of incredibly well written resources which are so helpful when you get home from training. Once I got home I started analyzing my friends and I was so impressed with how well prepared I was and how easy it came given Christine’s training. I know that Christine is there if I need her, and she’s trained me so well that I haven’t needed her yet. I am so grateful that I was able to find an expert like Christine to train me. With Christine’s training I feel confident and comfortable to launch my business and I have no doubt that I will be an excellent Colour Analyst given my training.

Joy Mahannah, Vancouver, Canada