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Best Makeup Colours: Dark Autumn

As the colour analysis begins, clients are seated and surrounded by the neutral gray. The moment I switch on the full spectrum lights, I look right at their eyes. If I see diffusions of dark yellow, cognac, rust, or dark mossy green, I wonder about Dark Autumn.

The skin of this woman contains a lot of colour. To make any impression, her cosmetics need muscle both in the strength of the pigments and in the density of their application. The Summer drapes look like they can't hold up her head. The makeup, the same.

She may have avoided the makeup colours below because her clothing colours were too gentle. She was quite right. With soft colours in clothing, Dark Autumn makeup will seem too bold and strong. The problem is not the makeup. Once everything below the neck balances the face, the makeup will be stunning.
And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.

- T.S. Eliot


Dark Seasons may look very dark in complexion, hair, or eye colours, or they may look more medium. Colour analysis is about how our own colours react with other colours and for Dark Autumn, there is no upper darkness limit.

However, there are upper coolness and brightness limits. These are the colour settings that are near medium.

Rephrasing, as long as colours are properly warmed and muted, there is no upper darkness limit.



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The Dark Autumn woman contains much glamour. She is mostly OK with being noticed, unlike her True Autumn sister who can only take so much being fussed over.

All Neutral Season colouring has warmer and cooler versions of every colour, still within the saturation and value scale for the Season. The choice of flesh tones in blush and lip, either as red orange or bronzed berry, is yours.

This person does have Winter coolness and darkness. Black coffee and muted charcoal make great eyeliners. Just as their navy in clothing or a suit is a fantastic complement to the orange tones in skin, hair, and eyes, so is it a great eyeliner.

Make the hair colour all it could be. Natural is always good to great. If you colour your hair, auburn and rich chestnut add gloss and opacity that Autumns wear well.

Many Dark Autumns of darker skin tones have a near-black base colour. In both cases, chemical colour will probably not be as enhancing or interesting as what you have on your own. Near black hair with these clothing colours is a furnace of presence and potential.

In the next article on Light Spring best  makeup colours, you will find an explanation of how to swatch makeup colours to Season.