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Lipstick: Seduce

Medium to deeper plum rose with slight shimmer in a creme formulation. 

Soft Summers have described this colour as "the one I've been waiting for." For the woman with a cool, lighter appearance who looks like a Summer and drapes that way, or the woman who looks Winter but doesn't drape that way, Seduce gives a beautiful lip, without being too dark or impacting. How it is possible for a cosmetic so softly muted to deliver such a gorgeous lip colour effect is a feat reserved for Soft Season colouring.

Soft Summer also includes women who seem Autumn-like by appearing warm or tawny, but they drape as Summers, along with women with cooler-looking skin or hair and noticeable warmth in the eyes. For these colourings, Seduce may be too cool and soft, with Delicacy as the better choice for a warmer, more opaque rose burgundy effect. As an overview, Seduce applies slightly lighter, cooler, and softer than Delicacy.


Season: Soft Summer. 

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