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Lipstick: Rio

Midtone mocha brick, moderately muted, in a creme formulation with moderate opacity.

Rio is a beautiful flesh tone, great for defining lips with natural looking colour and a smooth finish, neither glossy nor dry matte, and beautiful with the eye colours. In being a moderately dark and pigmented colour with a visible amount of brick tones, the colours is extremely versatile for all Autumns, as is the velvety finish, serving either as a natural lip colour or excellent for toning and customizing brighter or darker lipsticks.

The colour falls in the midrange of True Autumn’s natural, nude lip. The colour appears medium in darkness and soft enough for a Soft Autumn, on the warmer side of the Season. The most subtle effect may be on Dark Autumn where the colour may appear as a medium dark, soft nude, a good option for the Dark Autumn who is just beginning to wear lipstick or wants a softer colour, still with enough presence to define the lips. 

By comparison, Ambrette (in Soft Autumn) is more sheer and pink, whereas Rio is more flesh-toned terracotta and opaque, creating lip definition through a variation of the skin tone. They are of equal softness and darkness.

Rio is softer and slighter cooler than Rum and Raisin (in Soft and True Autumn), meaning a bit more gray and pink. They have similar brick colour, darkness, and opacity. Carnelian (in True Autumn) is brighter, with a cosmetic effect nearer to a beautiful soft warm red lip.

Season: Soft Autumn, True Autumn, Dark Autumn.

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