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Lipstick: Ruby Ruby

Saturated and intense medium-dark blue red in a longwear, matte application.

High saturation colours have less adaptability than neutral, sheer, or soft colours, with a more Yes/No reaction. Combine this with the high diversity of appearance in the Winter groups and the influence of individual chemistry on cosmetic effect, and we have colour that is best tried before purchase or may require adjustments, such as blotting or blending with gloss or another lipstick to achieve the desired look.

Ruby Ruby is beyond the palette saturation for Dark Winter, but on the right woman, it can be stunning. The higher saturation of yellow and lighter colour compared with Dark Winter’s Russian give this colour a place for True Winter as well, particularly for women desiring a lighter true red or who find red a better choice than fuchsia.

A lovely option for Bright Winter as well, as a lighter, brighter Winter. The opacity of the formulation may appear heavy next to the crystalline quality of Bright Winter colours and the colour may look slightly warm on application, suggesting the need to try first, or adapt with gloss.

Season: Dark Winter, True Winter, Bright Winter.


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