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Blush: Enchantment

A colour that works on all women of this Season. Based in red as Winter blushers and lipsticks are, a hint of yellow lightens and adds a touch of sweetness.

Although bright enough to balance and be visible with the natural colouring, Enchantment is sophisticated and simply adds a healthy flush that just looks...well, normal in the best possible way. A fan brush may be the best way to apply pure pigments to create a semi-transparent wash of colour.

For women preferring a darker blush, who desire more red or red-violet in blush, or who tested near True Winter during their colour analysis and would like a cooler colour, swirling Enchantment with Crystal Apple in the True Winter collection offers a beautiful and artistic means of adjusting the colour and adding dimensionality to blush.

As with all highly pigmented powders, a dusting of translucent powder on the skin prior to colour application eases blending and prevents uneven colour deposits.

Season: Bright Winter.

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