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Lipgloss: Juliet

Clear, vivid red fuchsia in a transparent creme base.

Bright Seasons combine the qualities of Winter and Spring. Winter colours are highly pigmented (saturated) and pure, and if the cosmetic is too sheer, it may do little more than balm. Spring colours are clear in the sense of being pure (not heathered or dusty), and this extends to how attractive colour transparency looks, in cosmetics or jewelry. 

Juliet offers high colour saturation in a sheer formulation. Gloss is high, adapting perfectly to Winter faces who do more than tolerate extremes, they are enhanced by them. 

Women seeking a subtle effect may try Now or Never in the True Winter collection. With the higher saturation of Bright Winter, the product may be almost invisible, so be sure to try it first. Because this group is also warmer than True Winter, the effect may be slightly graying, and few among us are flattered by gray lips. Softer Seasons may wear lip and blush colours that look gray by comparison to Winter in the tube or pan, but once they meet the woman's natural colours, both become perfectly vibrant, balanced, and healthy. That's part of the magic of colour analysis.

Season: Bright Winter.

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