Neutrals Set: Soft Autumn

Your Neutrals Set arrives as an envelope with either a zipper or Velcro closure.

Inside are 12 pieces of fabric measuring 9 x 4 inches, in colours ranging from whites and light neutral tones, mid-range tones, navy blue, and the Season black. Textures variations illustrate palette colours in matte and shiny finishes.

Despite acting as the all-important backgrounds for our apparel, palette neutrals colours may take more time to learn and recognize. White, gray, beige, taupe, brown, and black are highly nuanced and influenced by ambient light, making them challenging to identify in stores or on screens. Your understanding of your colours and the success of your colour purchases gets a huge head start by having an example of 12 palette colours in your hand.

More information regarding uses for the Neutrals Sets may be found on this site under Shop > About > Using the Neutrals Sets. Use them for any item you want to wear with anything, including eyeglass frames, eyeshadows and liners, footwear and belts, and investment items, such as wedding dresses and suits.

Season: Soft Autumn.

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