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Eyeshadow Palette: True Spring

Colours in this Season are warmed with clear yellow (compared with Autumn’s muted gold). This applies equally to neutrals, including a vanilla sugar highlight, golden sand, peach-pink brown sugar, midtone peachy beige, and darker medium neutral brown.

As with all of these neutral palettes, colour mix beautifully to create new colours. Mixing the first three is a favourite to create a dimensional allover lid colour, with a touch of the highlight warm white under the brow or at the inner corner of the eye.

The golden peach beige in the #4 position is moderately bright, as True Spring colours are, and applies as a lighter, yellower apricot beige tone than the product image suggests. It is an effective neutral lid colour, and may be found among the lighter options in the brown colour strips of the palette, combining beautifully to create harmonious eye makeup designs or to enliven the other colours in the palette.

Colours include (from L to R in palette):

  • Pearlescent apricot-tinged ivory white
  • Midtone pearlized gingered peach
  • Matte medium cider brown
  • Matte midtone peachy golden beige
  • Clear cocoa brown with a satin finish

Transformer (found in the collection for each Season) is effective with any eyeshadow, in all colours from neutral to bright, to create harmonized eyeliner, in any effect desired, from liquid to smoky. 

Season: True Spring.

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