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Eyeshadow Palette: Dark Winter

Dark Winter describes the colours of a world that is becoming quiet and still. Autumn's harvest is in and the Earth's activity phase is shifting towards rest and silence. Take a moment to consider the difference in energy, feeling, and communication between this and Summer's serenity and peace. 

With the coolness of ice, hardness of steel, and darkness of longer nights to represent Winter's wide light to dark range, the palette showcases the less-is-more wealth that these colours communicate. Add in the slight rustic remnant of Autumn and we have a high, yet controlled, cool metallic shine.

Colours include (from L to R in palette):

  • frosted, barely warmed and grayed, icy light gray (Tinkerbell #524)
  • dark ash brown, very faint shimmer (Pseudo #528)
  • matte charcoal taupe (Morphine #642)
  • matte black with navy blue cast (Ink #460)
  • dark charcoal steel gray with silver flecks (Chain Link #569)

Heavenly Hash is another excellent neutral, included in the Dark Winter collection as an Eyeshadow Accent.

Season: Dark Winter.

> Availability of the palette may be interrupted for extended periods when one or more colours are out of stock. Available palette colours may be purchased as singles, found in the Eyeshadow Accents category. Colours are identified by the numbers above on the underside of the palette. 

Transformer is effective with any colour to create eyeliner from any eyeshadow, in a long-lasting line of any thickness.

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