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Contour: #4

Autumn light creates 3-dimensional effects that give us a near-middle-far perception, like the classic Autumn imagery of the October forest on the hillside. Natural colouring with Autumn influence is exceptionally well suited to lowlights, using darker colours to convey the impression of depth or distance (Summer generally uses coolness and softness to convey the same effect).

Soft Summer is cool-neutral in all of its colours, not as warm as the Autumn groups.  For the woman who belongs with this group, contour using a matte colour that is not overly warm offers the becoming effect of deepening the valleys of the facial structure. The intention is not to warm the face, as this colour would in large areas, but rather to enhance the facial sculpture.

Try a light application (meaning nobody would notice it if applied with only foundation) at the sides of the forehead, temples, under the cheekbones at the edges of the face, and along the jaw enhance the geometry of the face without adding appreciable colour. The blush applied above the contour and blending into it is lovely. 

Contour #4 also works beautifully to deepen the blush colours available in this collection. For example, blending Playful with Contour #4 in a 4:1 ratio on your brush, hand, or paper before applying creates a colour very near Ruby Slippers lipstick. Quantities can be adjusted to create a variety of warmer blush colours within the Season. If you prefer cooler blush colour next to the eye colours or with the lipstick, it may be best to keep blush and contour separate on the face.

With perhaps half of Soft Summers, who look like Summers and simply analyze as softer than True Summer, often with bluer eyes and lighter hair, might skip this product. For the Soft Summer woman who looks cool, pink, or pastel, try the effect first. This product may be a great way to add the impression of sun, where traditional bronzer will be too orange and earthy, or you may be best without contour, allowing the diffused silvery moonlight reflections of Summer to gleam in their own right.

Dark Winter is also a cool-neutral Season with slight Autumn influence, but the contrast is higher in Winters, without the blended appearance of Summers. This product will not meet the naturally high contrast and may blunt the facial architecture rather than defining it.

Season: Soft Summer.

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