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Brow Wax Duo: Ash Brown

The Blueprints brow colours simulate real eyebrow colours beautifully, creating subtle or dramatic designs that keep continuity with the natural colouring.

Ash Brown may be the most versatile colour in the collection, a well balanced neutral colour in terms of warmth and darkness.

The wax keeps brows in place with barely perceptible sheen and pans that can be replaced separately (I use 2-3 wax pans for each pan of powder). Separation of powder and wax means that each product retains its own texture and consistency over time. 

 Brows are an essential for defining the eyes and adding presence to our appearance, in the cosmetic product that meshes most invisibly with the face. Brows are often more ash or neutral in colour than hair. They may also be redder, greener, or darker. The important thing is to choose a colour that is natural and believable in the face, nearest the natural brow. As with all cosmetics, the product must be tried, ideally in comparison with a few choices, to select the best. 

If hair is coloured slightly warmer than the natural brow colour, a brow colour that is very slightly warm may act as a bridge between the natural brow and the hair colour, allowing both to appear more natural. 

These brow colours may suit several Seasons and no recommendation is given. If your colour analyst carries the product, try a few that appear close and apply a small area within the brow. If it blends believably and almost disappears, it is likely to be an excellent choice.

Brow colours are also available as brow powder singles (without the wax), found under Products tab in the menu at the top of the page.

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