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Blush: Pumped Up

Vivid cool fuchsia pink in a matte application.

In reality, the colour is slightly lighter and brighter than the image, and more so when loose on a brush rather than compressed in the pot. For Bright Winter, these near-synthetic bright colours can be easy and belonging when applied as a diffusion that is light enough to allow some light reflection from the skin, much as white paper can illuminate watercolour pigments.  As with any highly pigmented cosmetic, the colour deposit can be lightened to create a wash effect on the cheek, either by tapping and swirling the blusher on paper before applying, using a fan brush, or applying to a powdered cheek. The high saturation and slight warmth fit beautifully with Bright Winter colouring. The colour will be too bright for most True Winters and too cool for Bright Spring.

 For those who recall Pink Boost (a blush colour that is no longer available), Pumped Up replaces the sweet, almost innocent effect of Pink Boost with a darker, cooler fuchsia that feels decidedly more brisk and invigorating.

Season: Bright Winter.

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