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Blush: Lucky 13

Jewel-toned ruby wine in a (barely perceptible) pearlized formulation.

This is a rich plummy ruby colour, on the cool, bright border between Dark Winter and True Winter, but muted and dark enough to be preferred for Dark Winter. The colour and formulation have more cosmetic impact than Bulgarian Rose for those who own that previous product, with the colour deposit easily adjusted during application using less product or pressure with the brush, as well as the option to mix with Bulgarian Rose for a beautiful in-between shade. The slight pearlized finish heightens the polish and adds dimensionality to the colour. 

Richly pigmented colours may require a light hand depending on the skin tone and personal preference. However, and this applies for all Seasons, especially those of higher saturation, the benefit is pure colour with no sense of coloured dust. As a side note, Lucky 13 has become my personal everyday blush, which I wear in the all the Colour Analyst Reacts videos on the YouTube channel.

Seasons: Dark Winter. 

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