Lipstick: Glama

Fuchsia rose in a creamy, high gloss formulation. 

Pink, fuchsia, and plum in equal measure, Glama belongs at or near the centre of True Summer's light-cool and soft-bright ranges. For those with darker hair, brows, eyes, or complexion, the colour may appear light-medium in darkness. Similarly, for those with softer colouring in the Season, the colour may appear brighter.

As an opaque lipstick, Glama wears longer and leaves a better stain than a gloss formulation would. As with any lipstick, gloss or another lip colour for the Season can and should be used for adjusting and adapting lipstick to your preferences.

This colour is one or two steps lighter and rosier than Flash Bulb's position in the blue-violet range of the palette. Flash Bulb is also sheerer. Centre Stage, also in the True Summer collection, is of similar value to Glama (light to medium darkness level), in a matte and drier application, denser pigment deposit, and brighter effect. Transcending will lighten, soften, and sheer colours from this palette. 

Season: True Summer. 

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