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Lipstick: Have Mercy

Purple pomegranate in a creme formulation. The natural red-violet lip for many women in this Season who may be darker in appearance, have deeper complexions, or as often happens with the unpredictability of colour, wear darker colour than one might have expected.

True Winter is not defined primarily by how light or dark the colours (or the person) are, referring to overall setting rather than how dark her foundation may be. The range can be quite wide and the darkness level of lipstick and blush that are most continuous with the face varies also. This colouring is defined by its coolness, the quality of colour that every member shares. In the same way that some True Winters balance very bright colour but the warmth of Bright Winter is detracting, so do others balance dark colour extremely well but the warmth of the darker Winter (Dark Winter) is detracting. Try this colour if your natural look is very contrasting, you have Mediterranean ancestry of any type, or your complexion is medium to very dark. 

Season: True Winter. 

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