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Lipstick: Chili

Red paprika of medium darkness in a matte, longwear formulation. 

With the opacity that Autumn colouring wears with ease, and at medium darkness, Chili is a lasting daytime colour that can be refreshed with balm or gloss before another application is needed. The pigment includes enough red to give the vibrancy of a healthy lip in an exciting colour that may be as bright as True Autumn would wear. 

Dark orange-red is native to Autumn colouring and therefore very adaptable. This colour may be found among the warm, medium-dark reds of the Dark Autumn palette. Chili has the right blend of red and orange, appearing more red or burnt orange depending on the lighting. A beautiful and wardrobe-enhancing alternative to red lipsticks, which may appear too bright or cool, with enough red coming through to darken the colour. Long-wearing lipsticks can be made more sheer or refreshed with balm throughout the day, or, as with any lipstick, the colour adjusted with a sheer lipstick such as Smudge in the Dark Autumn collection.

Season: True Autumn, Dark Autumn. 

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