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Lipstick: Russian

Intense neutral-cool red in a longwear creme formulation.

Russian offers a beautiful version of this Season's bright medium-dark red. Undoubtedly a blued red, the colour is redder, darker, and richer than coral for any other Season, a beautiful colour rarely found in attire. 

The brightness places it at the high end of the saturation range for Dark Winter, with slightest muting to bring the colour into harmony with the natural colouring. As with any cosmetic at this level of brightness, the colour may appear warmer than expected depending on each woman's reaction to the various pigments.

Ruby Ruby in the Dark and True Winter collections is brighter and slightly lighter, with perhaps higher cosmetic impact, whereas Russian settles in to be a few degrees darker and duller.

As a pure red, True Winters may be glad they tried this colour, and might also visit the page for the lipstick colour, Ruby Ruby, whose yellow pigments are more saturated and meet the same property in True Winter.

Season: Dark Winter, True Winter. 

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