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Lipstick: Rum n Raisin

Soft warm plum brown. Creme formulation.

Worn by Soft Autumn, this is a stunning deep, warm flesh tone with a plum rose suggestion, an option for an evening or red lip. Muted colours are key to colour success for Soft Seasons. These Seasons also benefit from darkness to define the features, as long as the softness is muted. For Soft Autumn, the lightest of the Autumn Seasons, darkness has an upper limit. Rum n Raisin meets darkness and softness specifications, and is about as dark a lipstick as this Season would wear. The colour is warmer and the application slightly more opaque than Ecstasy in the Soft Autumn collection, as semi-sheer to creme. Warmth level is appropriate for this warm-neutral type of colouring.

Rum n Raisin is also a beautiful colour for True Autumn with all the warmth she needs to balance her colours. Eyes really do pop. Because True Autumn is darker than Soft Autumn overall, the lipstick look lighter on a True, a gorgeous daytime colour, about as light as she would wear in lipstick, still giving beautiful energy to the lips. Because True Autumn is warmer, the lipstick looks a little less warm on a True, meaning more like her pink and less orange or brown compared to a Soft Autumn. The effect is shiny, smooth, natural muted coral. By comparison with Carnelian in the True Autumn collection, this colour is more sheer, soft, and rose-brown, while Carnelian is more opaque, richer and darker with more pigment, and offers more impacting red brick colour.

Seasons: Soft Autumn, True Autumn.

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