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Lipgloss: Now or Never

Vivid cool fuchsia with pink shimmer.

The Season's basic bright pink fuchsia, the most likely success story among the glosses for this Season, as Cherry Brandy is among the lipsticks.

True Winter colouring is not defined by its light or dark level, or its saturation. It is defined by its coolness. Quite often, the colouring is highly saturated and able to balance colour intensity that overlaps with the neighbouring and more saturated Bright Winter.  Similarly, some True Winters are intensely dark, in both Caucasians and women of darker complexion, and able to balance Dark Winter colours fairly well. What True Winter doesn't tolerate is the warmth of the neighbours. For these woman, this colour may be almost too natural to have its full effect. True Regal gloss in the True Winter collection should be tried, a deeper colour that  may look even more natural, better balance the eyes, hair, and brows, and appear more sophisticated. 

Season: True Winter. 

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