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Lipgloss: Paper Moon

Soft, slightly warmed midtone mauve-rose.

On the cooler side of the palette, as well as the medium-dark side, Paper Moon is a lovely natural lip colour. A question with cool and soft colour is, "Is this softer than it is cool or cooler than it is soft?" To be Soft Summer, softness comes first and this does the job. The colour may appear too cool (blue) on those with colouring near the Soft Autumn border, but both the warm, soft, deep mauve and sheerness raise the odds of being suitable for all Soft Summers.

By comparison, Fly Away in this collection is sheerer, a glaze rather than Paper Moon's creamy and more opaque lipstick-like consistency, and is a red from the more neutral-warm berry choices in the palette. 

Season: Soft Summer.

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