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Eyeshadow Accent: Sea Mist

Soft pearl seafoam turquoise, matte formulation.

From the blue-green family, of mid-range softness and brightness, Sea Mist creates a cloud of colour at the outer corner of the upper lid is lovely, blending with the eyeshadow design to look like a rainbow dispersion. The matte formulation preserves the soft, hazy effect.

Blue-greens are among the best colours on Summers, often making aqua eyes look greener or blue eyes almost violet. Spring's influence allows 'colour colours' on the face to look pretty and entirely adult, a lovely option for colouring where darkness easily becomes too dark.

Blue-green is very much at home for Light Spring as well, Sea Mist belonging on the cooler (bluer), darker, and softer (grayer) side.

Eyeshadow accents may be converted to colourful eyeliners with Transformer, found in each of the Season collections

Season: Light Summer, Light Spring.

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