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Eyeshadow Palette: Bright Winter

Bright Winter is the blend of Winter colours with the touch of Spring's yellow warmth. Winter implies a wide range from light to dark in the palette and how colours are applied, keeping in mind each woman's own eye shape.

The palette includes icy pink, cool medium-dark brown, Winter's silver steel, a rare yellow beige with Spring's yellow-green undertone, and black with sapphire sparkles.

A few magical mixes have emerged in using this palette. The first is a mix of the silver and gold, colours 3 and 4 from L to R. Together, they make a fabulous neutral beige with adjustable coolness or warmth by changing the proportions of the colours. The second is a mix of colours 2 and 4 to create a superb contour colour. A third is a blend of the silver with black, #3 and 5 in the sequence, to create dark neutral coal, depending on proportions, with sapphire sparkles. Shimmer and matte options allow for various levels of shine when blended together.

Colours include (from L to R in palette):

  • icy baby pink with peach effect
  • chilled silvered brown with purple tinge, matte to satin finish
  • sparkling midtone silver
  • light-medium beach beige with pale golden sheen
  • jet black with silver and blue fleck sparkles

Season: Bright Winter. 

Transformer is effective with any collection to create harmonized eyeliner with these eyeshadows, in any effect desired, from liquid to smoky. 

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