Eyeshadow Accent: Coastal

Pearlescent intense turquoise blue.

The colouring of members of this Season is generally quite lively. Eyes are intensely coloured, hair may be very yellow or have ginger or carrot tones, and cheeks and lips are coral pink. Next to this colour variety, cosmetic colours that are also natural and lively are perfectly at home.

Coastal stays with the lagoon colours in which Spring specializes, with some shimmer, darkness, and coolness, consistent with the Winter influence in this group of natural colouring.

A fine silver sheen gives the impression of light-dark variations ranging from light blue metallic to medium-dark blue turquoise, as light moves across the colour. This type of extreme or synthetic effect is best balanced by Winter colouring, giving Bright Winter an option as well.

Seasons: Bright Spring, Bright Winter.

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