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Eyeshadow Accent: Morphine

Matte neutral charcoal.

Morphine is an outstanding neutral gray, with little colour contribution as Winter grays are, on the darker side of the light grays in the palette, more effective as lid colour than contour. The colour is also on the warmer side of Dark Winter's light grays, placing it in the middle of the span for this colouring, without the blue or violet tones that approach True Winter. It is very versatile on its own or blended with a touch of Tinkerbell to lighten and add shimmer, or  with any of the other colours in the palette for various effects. It is more neutral-cool than the warmer Pseudo and lighter and a trace warmer than Heavenly Hash.

The Dark Winter palette image remains in the collection to show colour relationships, until such time as palettes are available once again.

Season: Dark Winter.

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