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Blush: Blue Fuchsia

While True Summer wears soft pastels beautifully, some darkness helps to refine the facial shape, intensify the eye colour, and avoid a pale or powdery look. This blush is a darker blue-violet that creates a beautiful orchid pink when used with a light hand over a powdered cheek (or mixed with translucent powder to soften the colour). It may also be blended with Angel Wings or Watered Silk from the True Summer collection to create a variety of watercolour effects.  

For True Winter, Blue Fuchsia is exactly as the name suggests. This may be the ultimate cool blue-pink in a medium dark formulation with a matte finish in a gorgeous creamy powder consistency.  By comparison, Fast Track is not as blue, in a colour that is better describes as cool pink-red, with the same great pigment deposit and matte finish.

Season: True Summer, True Winter. 

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