The purpose of Transformer is to convert powder eyeshadows into liquids, and it does its job extremely well.

The brush tip is the finest imaginable yet retains enough stiffness to create a thin line or dots of colour among the lashes. It can be used with any colour eyeshadow, a bonus for those Seasons whose eyeliners may be harder to find. The darkest colour in the 5-colour neutral colours palette in each Season collection may be one try.

Although I prefer eyeliner along both upper and lower lashes, for many women, especially in the Light Seasons, using a lighter colour along the lower lash line may be a better choice. It provides the balance for the eye and face, relieves the heavy appearance of the upper lid when liner is only applied among top lashes, and is less noticeable if it smudges. Transformer may be used with any of the medium colours in the eyeshadow palettes to achieve this excellent effect.

A final suggestion is to combine Transformer's line-creating skills with the coloured accent eyeshadows for each Season, in variations of green, turquoise, or blue, depending on the Season. Interesting effects are possible at the inner corner, outer corner, along the lower lash line, or any combination that you might imagine or find on sites such as Pinterest.

In terms of application, the initial line has good intensity if enough powder was picked up at the beginning, by rolling the brush in the pan of powder. To build up the intensity, a second pass, with or without more powder, works well. On the plus side, the first line is not so intense that it looks artificial.

In terms of wear, this is my preferred product for eyeliner along the lower lash line, which I have found smudges with every pencil I’ve tried, including waterproof pencils. Once the product dries, it is near immobile until removed with an eye makeup remover, leading me to suggest that you apply the product to one eye and have a cotton swab ready to clean and blend the edges before applying to the other eye.

For those who wear false lashes, the manufacturer has not tested the product under those conditions but also inform me that they have never had any report of a problem.

Seasons: All.

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