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Lipstick: Iconic

Bold clear fuchsia violet, moderately dark, in a matte, longwear formulation.

Beautiful, high saturation red with violet tones. Equally beautiful is the application, more like thick crème than dry or heavy. Leaves a gorgeous stain if blotted after 5 minutes, with balm application to refresh colour for several hours. Like many colours with matte, saturated pigments, the colour may appear warmer in the tube, even slightly rust, compared with the colour swatched and smudged out on paper or applied to the lips.

Iconic shares many colour properties with Bright Winter, on the cool, dark side of that Season’s reds, a surprisingly fresh, near-natural red for the person resembling True Winter, and a good choice if Ruby Ruby or Marilyn are too warm.

Medium dark in the True Winter range, Iconic may appear more pink-purple than red, but as with all lipsticks, particularly high saturation reds, each person may have a unique colour effect. 

Season: Bright Winter, True Winter.

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