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Lipstick: Diva

Glossy purple fuchsia with a smooth lightweight application.

However vivid Diva may appear, the application is a lightly tinted clear raspberry violet that looks easy and natural for most women, with a brighter result in younger faces as often happens with Winter cosmetics. However, lipstick is unlike other cosmetics in that it is applied to a feature with more red in the surface pigmentation. This will influence the final colour, particularly for very sheer cosmetics. The effect is not always predictable, meaning that a light, soft appearing natural lip colour may develop a soft fuchsia with Diva while a darker appearing natural lip colour may result in a more sheer effect, or vice versa. Either way, the colour is lovely.

The colour may be technically most suited to True Winter (one client adds Now or Never gloss over top for the perfect colour). For Bright Winters with reservations about the high-impact cosmetic looks so often shown for this Season, this may be a perfect and less intense solution. First, True Winter is a softer saturation group, meaning their colours are not as bright in pigmentation while still belonging to Winter, creating a clearer colour effect than a Light Summer colour might offer. Second, many Bright Winters are near True Winter in their colour reactions and may find the coolness to be very acceptable. Third, the sheerness of the colour lightens the weight of the colour deposit, adapts to the natural colour of the lips, and offers the shine and transparency that are so flattering for Bright Season colouring. For Bright Winters who desire more cosmetic impact or long wearing colour, this product may be too quiet, resembling a tinted balm, without the energy to balance the brightness of the eye colours or other cosmetics.

Season: True Winter, Bright Winter.

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