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Lipstick: Glamour Puss

Vivid red orange in a high gloss formulation.

Clear red orange, like vermillion red or cadmium orange of paint colours, a beautiful red lip colour for Bright Spring. The application is creamy and comfortable, offering semi-transparent colour with high pigment concentration. The colour is gorgeous on its own or blotted, with long lasting wear from a lovely pink-coral-red stain, which may be followed with gloss or refreshed with balm for throughout the day.

Compared with Hula Hoop in the Bright Spring collection, Glamour Puss is more jelly-like in its clarity, giving a brighter, more moist effect. Hula Hoop is more matte and opaque, giving a slightly softer effect. Both colours are from the red-orange family,  on the darker side of the warm red options for this Season.

Season: Bright Spring.

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