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Blush: This One Day

Bright warm coral. 

This colour is perfect on its own for most members of the Season.The blush colours for all Seasons are richly pigmented, since I prefer pure colour in cosmetics and sheerness can always be adjusted to create a lighter colour deposit without compromising colour energy. If the powder application feels too bright, options for a more delicate colour might be using a fan brush for a light colour wash, tapping and swirling the brush on a sheet of paper before applying to create a coloured mist of the desired intensity, or applying to a powdered cheek to improve blending and diffusion of the colour. 

Mixing with Unsung from the Light Spring collection is a fine idea, since both are Spring colours with cool-neutral in warmth, with Light Spring offering softness and a pinker effect. Mixing with True Spring's Expert also softens the colour and warms it for a beautiful melon-coral. 

Season: Bright Spring.

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